30 thoughts on “Funko Shop Item for September 14th – Robot Freddy Funko

  1. Beyond upset about the release on this. Received the email, said it was there, refreshed and it never pops up, when it does is immediately gone. Apparently funko put it in apparel. So not fair.

    1. Same thing happened to me! I am very upset about this! I was on before and after the email posted!

    2. The number in the ‘collectibles’ section went from 19 to 20, yet it took forever to show up. As soon as it did, it was gone. I’ve never been so angry & frustrated. This was an item I really wanted, too. ?

  2. So upset about the release of this one! Very unfair to be sold out as soon as you click on it!!!! Waited for hours!!! What is the use of the email if it’s sold before we receive the email?!?

  3. Yeah this one didn’t get listed in the store properly. The only way I got it to show up was to click on the filter button and set it to only show Freddy Funko stuff. I’m just glad I managed to find it in time to actually order it before it sold out.

  4. I was on my instagram at the same time and someone posted to seach root freddy and you’ll find it. I found it and went to go get a second for my gf and it was sold out after that. Happy I was able to get one though. Not a huge fan of the freddy but recently got ray gun freddy at a pop swap and decided might as well get them and this was my first shop exclusive. Very lucky for this to be the first and I managed to get it.

  5. i too only managed to snag one by using an IG tip when i was on the site and couldn’t find it under the collectibles section (or anywhere else, granted i was getting sort of frantic 😉 – searched for it and locked it in! as soon as i saw the prototype photo pop up i knew i would find a way to make it happen! just didn’t expect him to go up in the funko shop so soon! xo

  6. This never actually popped up in the store until after it was sold out……The only way to find it was to search “Robot” or “Freddy” and then click on the link. It sucked but luckily I got one.

  7. Beyond frustrated with this! I checked before I got the email. The ‘collectibles’ section originally said 19, then jumped to 20, but nothing new was listed. I kept refreshing & the second he showed up, it was sold out. I thought I had this down to an art, but the past 2 weeks were a complete bust. Plus, for once it wasn’t a Dorbz item. I want Robot Freddy in the worst way. Now I’ll have to pay way more for him.

  8. I had the store up and refreshing from 12 pm all the way to 12:15 pm. For a good 15 minutes the figure did not show up in the store list.
    When it finally did show up it was already sold out.
    Based on people’s feedback and sharing their frustration (yes, I understand it’s just a toy figure), I simply fail to understand how people accessing the store from outside shared links are able to get the figure while I am on the actual website, refreshing, good internet connection and like many get to finally see the figure and it’s showing sold out?
    Get your ducks in a row Funko!
    You guys dropped the ball on this one and disappointing a lot of people!

  9. I call bs on this one also!! Funko you funked up! Fix your site.. I was reloading the site over and over and awhen the new freddy went up it was sold out…how was i supposed to know when it says 20 pieces in the shop for sale i was supposed to look it up manually… Thwn how was i to know what to look up?very angry and dont feel its fair that people were able to be directed from another site and able to purchase it.

  10. I’m seeing a ridiculous amount of saltiness here against Funko. Come on people, that’s the game.. you win some, you lose some. I have lost PLENTY. I was right there with you guys refreshing the page from 10am on and didn’t see it show up, but its a LE 2000… it was always going to be hard to get. Don’t be so butt hurt you missed out on ONE figure.. Be happy for those who got it. More people get to enjoy this pop than the same old people who log in first every other time. grow up

    1. I 100% agree with you – as mad as I was that I was unable to grab one I still think it’s part of the chase. Not everyone is going to get one and that is part of the fun, sometimes incredibly frustrating fun but still part of it. This is the second Wednesday item I missed, yeah I hate that I missed it but it makes it more thrilling when I catch the next one and to know how lucky I was to grab the others and appreciate them more. If you don’t like the game of collecting – don’t do it.

  11. You have a better chance at getting a pasta pass from Olive Garden than getting this thing. 🙁 At least they are selling 21,000 of those passes.

    I think Funko should create a second production of the robot Freddy and take “second chance” pre orders. We all got screwed for the same reason. They really need to upgrade their online servers.

  12. yea right, make another run, when it is limited to 2,000– I don’t think so, I got one, BAM!!!!!!! gonna love it too

  13. lay the $$$ before it goes way higher my friend, and I am not selling mine either, I do wish you all luck seriously

  14. second change? I dont think it is fair to the people who actually got it. If that case , I want so many pops that I lost for Funk to re-release. Agree with you Subject89p13

  15. Funko won’t let the mold just sit after one use — I see Chrome, Glow in the Dark and Colored variants coming soon!

  16. I also was pretty ticked off myself but I guess now I must build store credit and use that toward a huge eBay price like I’ve done before ( Dr. Doom, White Ranger, Hair Bears, ect.) If I want that robot bad enough I’ll find me a way to get it.. Business partnerships and trading system will come in play..

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