Force Friday is here!

Star Wars fans rejoice…it’s finally Force Friday! For those unaware, this is the day we lucky collectors can officially start buying merchandise from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There’s a ton of merch on the way, including 17 new Pops and four Wobblers. Here are a couple of links to the Rogue One items from our sponsors.

Rogue One at Entertainment Earth

Rogue One at Toy Wars Note: There are two lots of Rogue One Pops – one with C-2SO and one without – that you can get for 20% off with the code ROGUE20!

6 thoughts on “Force Friday is here!

  1. Been to two walmarts can’t seem to find the chromed out imperial death trooper! And the Walmart exclusive saw gerrera dosent have a sticker.

  2. As far as I’m concerned Wal-Mart is a joke…they should have their funko privilege revoked…the walmart by me is pathetic…i will crap my pants if i ever see any exclusive that walmart has…i dont even go there anymore for funko…the people there dont know shit anyway…you ask & they are like deer in headlights?? Its a joke.

  3. The Walmarts around me haven’t got the chrome death trooper either, wonder if they are sitting on them until the New York comic con

  4. We haven’t had the chrome death trooper either guys. Be on the look out. Hopefully they will not release it during the NYCC. Also, I get the same response with the people who work there when I ask them where they put their displays for them. They look at me like I am making things up from thin air

  5. I agree that Walmart should NOT be able to have funko exclusives. You go on their website to purchase one of THEIR exclusives and it’s always out of stock or available from someone else at a ridiculous amount. How can it be their exclusive, on their website but never sold by Walmart. VERY WRONG !!!!

  6. In Texas, Walgreens was a no go, Walmart did not have the chrome exclusive death trooper, and every Saw Gererra did not have an exclusive sticker. No sighting of the Target Exclusive Captain Andor.

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