First (Squinted) Look at Some NYCC Exclusives

An image has surfaced online of a few upcoming New York Comic Con exclusives that will also be available at Hot Topic. The images seem to be photos taken of a computer screen, most likely by a Hot Topic employee. The four Pops include the already announced Hooded Jane from Twilight, a Batgirl variant, Behemoth from The Nightmare Before Christmas along with what appears to be a seated Sally from the same movie.


27 thoughts on “First (Squinted) Look at Some NYCC Exclusives

  1. I like seated Sally but definitely glad to see Behemoth. There are so many other characters from Nightmare that would rock the Pop! Treatment (like Lock, Shock, and Barrell) instead of more Jack and Sally Variants.

  2. Sally variant is a bit disappointing (though it’ll be bought in heartbeat) but Behemoth is a step in the right direction! Really excited for him!!

  3. The twilight pop I’ve seen in FYE, but its not an exclusive. I wonder what’s the difference???

  4. Hope the phallic nose alex is a exclusive and is one that is available at a retail outlet *cough*hottopic*cough*

    1. Yes, confirmed Hot Topic limited edition exclusive. I’m hoping for a September 14th or 15th release. My fingers are crossed!

    2. Heard Masked Alex is in the next round of HT Mystery Boxes… since the theme is supposedly horror

    1. I think it might be a super friends Batgirl. There is a super friends Batman coming out, so I’m just assuming. Also I think It might be super friends because of the older looking classic logo. It’s just what I’m guessing though.

  5. Do the Nycc hot topic shared exclusives work the same as sdcc and convention exclusives? Online only? In store? I want that batgirl! =]

    1. Last year I got my Patina Cthulhu in store. Can’t remember if I saw them online though because they had so many in store I didn’t have to really hunt for him.

  6. Gotta get that Batgirl for sure! I’m hoping that NYCC won’t be as costly as SDCC was for me though… Lol

  7. I’m hoping 210 is a new pose for Jack, but for gods sake Funko keep his mouth closed! The original Jack Pop (and the one with the snowflake) look so dated compared to Nightshade Sally, and now likely this one. The others with their open mouths just look terrible in general.

    At first glance I thought Sally might be the super cute sitting one from the concept art shown in the Funko HQ tour video a few months back (along side Lady and the Tramp and Snowman Jack), but alas after finding the image again it is not. Looks along the same lines though so hopefully I will like her too!

  8. That batgirl Logo on top of the box has me very curious. It doesn’t say “DC comics” anyone have a clue?

    1. I think it’s the old school batman spelled in yellow letters, with the small b man face [cowl] in the top middle. Its been driving me crazy lol i hope they make a new line with that logo.

  9. Yea it looks like it says batgirl in the 66″ style logo. Wouldn’t be mad at that i love the 66: Batman line.

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