7 thoughts on “Elvira Pop! Coming Soon!

  1. Finally! With her inclusion in the wave 3 Horror mystery minis, I figured it was only a matter of time before she was given the Pop! treatment.

    Would also be nice to get an Elvira Vinyl Idolz figure.

  2. I actually got to meet her, when I was a teen. She was just passing through out city, and decided to stop. It was cool because she was dressed up in black, and looked beautiful, as ever. To top it off, she was an extremely nice person.

  3. About time!!!
    Now start licensing and releasing characters from classic movies and tv, i.e. M.A.S.H., Arcenic and Old Lace, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Knight Rider etc, etc, etc….

  4. Definitely adding to my collection when she comes out. And also hoping for some of the others we saw in her wave of minis to get the Pop! Treatment. Like Jack Torrence and The Twins (from the shining). As well as Tiffany, since we just got the BoC Chucky variant. And really hoping for Barbara and Adam from Beetlejuice.

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