Did someone say “more Batman”?

Thanks to some box art, we now know that Funko aren’t anywhere near done with Batman variants quite yet! The photo below shows the back of the box of the ‘Golden Age Batman’ Pop! (from the Specialty Series line)


That’s right, there are five other Batman Pops coming with this mold. White Lantern, Super Friends, Earth 1, “Darkest” (should be Blackest) Night, and good old regular Batman are all coming at some point in the future. Probably.

That’s not the only box that gave us a look at another Batman variant! The Hot Topic exclusive Rainbow Batman Dorbz shows off an upcoming Zebra Batman variant along with today’s Funko-Shop item, Joker Batman.



(Sources for both of these photos are unknown)

15 thoughts on “Did someone say “more Batman”?

  1. Awesome! Give me all the Batmans. If they released a Batman variant every week, I would buy it.

  2. I’m second thought, that’s just a very similar picture to mine. Mine doesn’t have that little scuff on Joker Batmans face.

  3. Darkest night? Do they mean Darkest Knight where Bruce Wayne becomes a Green Lantern? I hope so….they already have a Blackest Night Batman….

  4. So, I got lucky yesterday and managed to order the Funko-shop batman dorbz, but know a lot of people who tried around the same time I did who didn’t get one due to selling out. What disgusts me is that within minutes there were many of them available on eBay and mercari for 3-4 times the price. In most cases the people selling them had multiple copies for sale (even though it’s supposedly a limit of 1 per customer). I sell pops and dorbz sometimes, I understand that the secondary market is important. It might be a tad sleazy, but if someone wants to buy multiple copies of an exclusive at a store, that’s fine. At the very least that requires you to get off your butt and drive to the mall, and hopefully get a little public shaming if someone sees you leaving hot topic with 40 batman pops. That being said, buying multiples of an online exclusive that you don’t even want for your own collection and then posting them online before they’ve even been shipped out to you is completely classless.

      1. I wish they’d make it a limit of one or two per address instead of the basic one per person. That way if someone wants to buy 40 copies of something intended to have a limit of one per person, they’d need a bunch of p.o. boxes to do it. Anything to make it less convenient for them. I should drop it lol, it just really irritates me.

  5. Wait, if there’s a new White Lantern Batman, will most newer sculpts get them? If so I’ll be sorta disappointed if White Lantern Batgirl uses the Burnside sculpt.

    1. Sorry but I’ll respectfully disagree with that. Batman has a lot of stuff they can release and Funko pushes his stuff because it sells so well.
      What I will never get is why they make so many Star Wars pops when they sell so poorly. Every single store that sells pops has a stockpile of Star Wars taking up shelf space and they NEVER sell.
      I could go out and buy about 100 Star Wars exclusives (GameStop, Walmart, Hot Topic & Walgreens) in my area today and I’d bet most of those stores would still have more in their warehouse to put out.
      Yet Funko keeps pushing them and hopes more SW fans will start collecting….

  6. So when is joker-batman dorbz going to be added to ppg? Also, why isn’t sepia captain America dorbz on here yet either. I want to be able to add them to my collection. It’s almost like that part of the site hasn’t updated for a couple weeks.

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