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My name is Elijah De La Cruz although I prefer being called Eliy. I’m 20 years old I live in Arizona but originally grew up in California. When I’m not off Funko Pop hunting I’m usually prep cooking at the Starliner Diner in Phoenix, AZ or filming videos for the YouTube Channel “ThisRightHere”. I am a film buff and a lover of memorabilia which is what got me started collecting Funko items in the first place. I bought my first Funko item (Plush Alan and Baby Carlos from “The Hangover”) in 2011 but in 2013 when I moved to Arizona my collection started to skyrocket and it hasn’t stopped since then. I own a little over 200 Pop vinyl figures and other products made by Funko.



1. How long have you been collecting Funko products?

I’ve been collecting Funko products since early 2013.

2. What was your first Funko item?

My first funko item was a Alan and Baby Carlos Pop! Plushie that I bought at FYE around 2011.

3. How many Funko collectibles do you own?

I own about 237 items from Funko including Pops, WackyWobblers, Mystery Minis, and Plushes.

4. Do you have a favorite Line or a Line you would like to see?

I would love to see a line for one of my favorite horror movies The Shining!

5. What are your favorite Top 5 “must own” items in your collection?

My top 5 MUST own are Bloody Gemini The Governor, HT Bloody Chimichanga X-force Deadpool, My custom NES Jason Voorhes , Hot Topic GITD La Muerte, and my 1/96 The Dude Freddy Funko.

6. What is your best deal/favorite find story?

I recently purchased the X-force Mega Dorbz from SDCC 2016 for $350 when he was being sold for upwards of $1,000. He was priced so low because the box had damaged and his front belt had been scratched. It was definitely a must buy for me!

7. What line are you most excited about that is yet to be released?

I’m very excited to see the line of Animaniacs pops being released because it was one of my favorite shows growing up.

8. Do you complete sets with every variant or are you happy to just own certain Pops in a Line?

Completing sets with all the variants became very expensive and tiresome. After my first few months of collecting I decided to buy only what I knew I truly like and it’s become more fun to collect that way.

9. Favorite Social Networking group for News,Buying,Trading or Selling?

I often check Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, or my local Arizona Funko FB page for all my Funko needs!

10. Do you collect any other types of collectibles?

Other than funko items I do enjoy collecting Steelbook DVD and Blu Rays.

11.If you could design a Line OR add Variants to an existing Line what would you create?

I would like to see more horror movie characters and more X-force deadpool variants to be released.

12. You win a contest for one single random Pop. What is the one Pop you would dread to see when you opened the box and why?

I would probably hate to have won any pop from the Mean Girls line because although it is a funny movie I wouldn’t want one as part of my collection.

13. Any advice for new collectors OR Something you wish you knew when you started collecting? Words of wisdom?

DON’T GO IN WITH THE INTENT TO BE A FLIPPER. Start off small. It’s easier and inexpensive to collect only what tickles your fancy. Don’t start of your collection with trying to snatch up all your grails so quickly eventually you’ll find the one you’ve been looking for a really good price. Don’t stress out about not finding an exclusive figure, join a local Funko Facebook group and you’ll have more fun and have an easier time finding what you want.


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What made you a Funko fan? Are you a Collector of Mystery Mini’s,Dorbz or are you strictly into Pops or Wacky Wobblers? We’d love to hear from you,share your story and give you a chance to show off your collection! If you would like to be featured in the Collector Showcase send us a message at OR you can contact us on Facebook at POP Price Guide and make sure to mention the “Collector Showcase”. Show us your Pop pics and Fun with Funko on our Instagram @poppriceguide anytime! We’re looking forward to sharing your unique Funko story.

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  1. Nice pics. Some older movie Pops I’d like to get.

    NES Jason is a good idea for a custom, and shouldn’t be hard to do, though I’m not into that yet.

  2. Would LOVE Pops from The Shining! I agree there just aren’t enough horror Pops. Thoroughly enjoyed your photos btw.

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