Classic Horror Mopeez & Jason Voorhees Fabrikations Coming Soon!!

Good news for Horror fans! Just in time for the Halloween season Funko will release their newest line of sad plush Mopeez. The bummed out versions of iconic horror villains will be hiding on store shelves this month waiting to follow you home. You can choose from Jason Voorhees,Freddy Kreuger,Michael Myers,Ghostface and Chucky or really show your Horror Movie love and add the whole set to your collection! Don’t forget to keep an out for the Jason Voorhees Fabrikations as well. This Friday the 13th Fabrikations is my favorite of the entire line of soft sculpts by Funko!

ClassicHorrorMopeezGroup                                                                    JasonVoorheesMopeez2                                                                                     FreddyMopeez2                                                                                   MichealMyersMopeez                                                                                         GHostfaceMoppez2                                                                            ChuckyMopeez2                                                                                JasonVoorheesFabrikations

6 thoughts on “Classic Horror Mopeez & Jason Voorhees Fabrikations Coming Soon!!

      1. ^ I’ve seen the Mopeez posted somewhere else, but not the Fabrikation. And I appreciate the better quality pics and other info you guys provide. Keep up the good work!

        Must … have … all ….

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