15 thoughts on “Badman Vegeta Hot Topic Exclusive

    1. same here, wonder when the f it’ll be out, Hardly anyone knows of this yet, but it’s been sold out ever since this news appeard

    1. I was lucky, and was able to pre-order the Vegeta Super Saiyan POP! for a pretty good price. Then I got lucky again when the “Red Suit – Goku on Nimbus” was first brought up, for standard price. Right now I really want the SS Trunks, if it’s even possible to get him for a reasonable amt…I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to POP sites and good places to scope them out, in regards to availability, good price, & other things. I’ve been obsessed w/ just about everything Dragon Ball/Z for half my life…if you could point me in the right direction as far as where I’d be able to find this “Badman Vegeta” POP, that would mean the damn world to me, lol, would be so kool.

  1. Hey guys above me, I’m sure all of You are REALLY into Dragon Ball Verse POP!s, probably just like me. I’ve been collecting POPs for about 9 months now, but I’m still not too keen on good websites. I’m wondering, where do you guys think it would be possible for me to Pre-Order the “Badman Vegeta” POP? I really have no idea, since I’ve tried Hot Topic, BigBadToyStore, Ent. Earth, among google search but no luck…anyone who can Help me out with this I’d appreciate it so much, and it’d mean a lot to me!

    1. You won’t be able to preorder it anywear but hot topic, or get it in store at hot topic.

    1. Yea thanks for the Place Marker page, I bookmarked it and I’ve been checking it every day. This Pop seems to be super “under the rader” so far no one has it on eBay, and besides for that link you gave me, under normal circumstances when searching on Hottopic.com for “vegeta” it doesn’t come up…lol. I thought maybe it’d be up for order on sites like Bigbadtoystore.com or toywars.com or something like that…. does anyone know anything or is H-T LITERALLY the ONLY place to get it at?

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