Win a Crystal Anger Pop from PPG and Entertainment Earth!

It’s been a minute since PPG ran a contest, but today we are offering you all a chance to win an Entertainment Earth Exclusive Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl Figure. And being the generous souls they are, EE is offering to match our prize by giving away a second Crystal Anger figure! Two Pops, two winners. All you need to do is complete any or all actions in the contest box below. Visit PPG & EE on Facebook and Twitter, share on Twitter, and for bonus points respond to this post telling us what Inside Out Pop Vinyl figures Funko should still give the Pop Vinyl treatment.

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Now the fine print, regular sized for your convenience.

– This contest will ship to the U.S. and Canada only.
– The winners of the contest will each receive one (1) Entertainment Exclusive Pop Vinyl Crystal Anger Figure.
– While we know some collectors like pristine boxes, neither PPG nor EE can guarantee a mint box upon arrival.
– All actions to enter the contest must be completed by 12:00am CST, August 31st.

Inside Out was full of memorable characters, and Lewis Black’s Anger was a personal favorite of mine. This Pop is really a lot of fun, and while promotional shots make it appear that it might not have the depth or pizzazz we’d expect, seeing it in person is a completely different story. Cast in the translucent red glittery vinyl, the Pop weighs a ton and looks astonishing, particularly in good light.

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 01

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 02

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 03

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 04

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 05

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 06

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 07

Inside Out Crystal Anger Pop Vinyl 08

69 thoughts on “Win a Crystal Anger Pop from PPG and Entertainment Earth!

  1. Isn't the new Marceline from Adventure time #301 in the television series? It overlaps with these.

    1. You're right about the numbers.  Maybe there will be a change when the Ninth w/ Banana is released.

  2. I'm a bit disappointed by this second wave. I was really hoping for some more Doctors from the original series. Hopefully they will makemy dream Pop next time:  a 3rd Doctor and Bessie Pop Ride.

  3. Is there a right's issue with the original series – I always assumed it was all one right. I'd also love to get a complete set of doctors. 

  4. I'm excited for the companions. Will deffo be getting Sarah-Jane, Rose and K-9. As I already have all the Doctor (apart from the 12th) in the action figure line I'm not sure if I'll get the Pops too. Apart from William Hartnell. I'll buy anything Hartnell 😀

  5. I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT NINE!!!!!! Yessssss. I ♥ Nine. And I love that they made a Banana variant. I can't wait for these! Happy last night of Hanukkah to me 😀

  6. Seeing as I AM anger most of the time I’d love to see a “Dad’s Anger” variant with the moustache! That would be hilarious!

  7. I’ve never actually seen Inside Out, so I have no idea what other characters should be made into pops. I really like to look of the Crystal Anger pop though, so I’m just commenting for the contest entry.

  8. I would LOVE to see a Riley pop. I think she was a pivotal paetc of the movie (I mean she was the emotions home!) plus it would be adorable.

  9. Riley, the boy at the rink at the end, imaginary boyfriend, joy and sadness with a memory ball

  10. THIS POP! I thought I would NEVER get this guy! Now is my chance!! HOPING TO WIN! I have 356 pops now, and love them all so so much! I would love to add this to my collection!

  11. I’d love to see Riley! Kind of odd that one of the main (well, secondary) characters doesn’t have a pop, considering she’s where the story takes place.

  12. Riley! Why they didn’t make her to begin with is beyond me lol. My daughters name is Riley so I’d love to add her to her collection 🙂

    1. I think it would be pretty dope if they could pull off pops of joy sadness n bingbong when they take the short cut room…


      I think it would be pretty dope if they did a pop ride of joy n bingo bong in bingbongs wagon!!!! Whhhaaaatttttt !!!!! That would be really really really awesome!!!! And I’m not one for pop rides really… But I would definitely get that! Especially if they hooked the wagon up to perfection how they did that vanelope sdcc dorbz ride…. like make the whole ride with the pops like bedazzling… N hook up bingbong with like half transparency…. Or just joy in the wagon when bingbong oki dokes her to ride alone…yea !! That’s it for me. … Also …it would be cool for the parents emotions too..n the unicorn of course! Or like any of the TV casting characters for rileys dream…. Orrrr the giant clown should be a 6″ pop….Lol I could keep going n going n going!!! Such a great movie

  13. Been wanting this pop forever!!! Anger is one of my favorite Disney characters! It might sound simple but I wish they would do all the emotions in a kind of crystalline form like this pop is. I think a whole set designed the same as this one would be visually stunning!

  14. Sadness made of this same material but in light blue would be cool (maybe look like a tear?) or rainbow unicorn could also be pretty cool.

  15. The rainbow unicorn would be sweet and Bing bong in his song powered wagon! (Also liked the Dads Anger with the ‘stash!) I know there’s more but I’m blanking out! UNICORN FOR SURE THOUGH!

  16. How about one of the memory balls by itself? It would by easy to make, and freak out half the collectors as it rolls in the box. Win win.

  17. I think a really cool glittery/clear/green variant of “Disgust” would be a great addition. She is an awesome character in the story, and a variant would do good justice to get the pop vinyl treatment!

  18. Flocked and scented Bing-bong that smells like cotton candy! Or Bing-bong on his wagon as a pop ride! Or both together which would be the ULTIMATE BING-BONG POP

  19. I’ve seen a really nice custom control panel. Would be great if Funko did one for those who display their pop!s OOB (Out of box).

  20. Rainbow Unicorn needs one so bad. I need a Rainbow Unicorn, lol. I also need this pop. Love you guys.

  21. This Pop looks amazing!!!!!!! I hope they do Bing Bong in crystal form but Rainbow Unicorn would be awesome as well! <3

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