Welcome to our new sponsor, Woozy Moo!

We at PPG are happy to welcome Woozy Moo as a new sponsor!

We saw how toy stores were quite discriminating. They tell girls to play with pink dolls and boys with blue trucks. They barely have anything for special needs kids or for the awesome toy collector. They only carry toys they “think” will sell. This needs to change! There are no girl nor boy toys at Woozy Moo. Just toys. Want a doll that looks like you? We’ve got it. Need an eco-friendly handcrafted block set or hard-to-find Star Wars toys for your super cool collection? We’ve got you covered. Just think of us as the UN of toys. Everyone deserves to have fun, so let’s not leave anyone out. Let’s end fun discrimination!

To get things kicked off, Woozy Moo has offered PPG readers a one-time 10% off all Funko products. The code is POP4LIFE and expires 8/28 (this Sunday). They also offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more, and offer a mint condition guarantee.

Here are some new items available for preorder and in stock:

o Pop: Once Upon a Time Pops: Belle, Hook, Regina, and more
o Pop Movies: Braveheart – William Wallace
o Pop Rocks: Amy Winehouse and Lemmy Kilmister
o Legends of Tomorrow: Firestorm, Hawkman, and more
o Pop Heroes: Batgirl 2016
o Pop TV: Golden Girls
o Pop Plush: Deadpool, Spider-Gwen, Harley Quinn, and more
o Pop Anime: Dragon Ball Z

6 thoughts on “Welcome to our new sponsor, Woozy Moo!

  1. CANCER “Gender Neutral Toys” *scrolls down* ” Being a female geek” “girls can be toy collectors too’

  2. I have never had a toy store discriminate from my son buying my little pony’s. And i checked out the pop selection they have. Every pop i was interested in was sold out. Just another bad online shop.

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