There’s something Strange…and it ain’t ghosts!

Funko is going all in with merchandise for the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. Shown here are the regular POPs from the line.





There will be a 4-pack of the same POPs, presumably, for the European market as has been the pattern with Marvel movie POPs lately


This Walmart exclusive does not seem to have an official name.


So too with this Target exclusive but it presumably has something to do with the doctor’s astral form.


There’s a whole slew of Dorbz as well.






And even a keychain POP!


20 thoughts on “There’s something Strange…and it ain’t ghosts!

  1. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit disappointed with the first wave but that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting all of them though! The Dorbz though are awesome! I’m guessing #172 will either be the MCC Box POP! or an exclusive to be announced later.

  2. just preorder the 4 of hopefully i can get the target and walmart exclusive too they look so good

  3. Finally! The regular ones have been for pre order at gamestop for several months now but they’ve been listed as doctor strange movie pop #1, #2, #3 etc. I haven’t pre ordered one yet because I they never revealed which one was which but now I gotta get regular doctor strange, regular doctor strange dorb, gamestop dorb, target pop, and walmart pop to go with the comic book doctor strange pop and comic con doctor strange that I have and the comic con one is my favorite pop. I can’t wait for these!

  4. Will likely only pick up the Ancient One to display alongside my SDCC Dr. Strange.

    May pick up the Astral Projection version from Target if it looks nice (and display it somewhere else in the room for giggles…).

  5. I’m pretty sure the 4-Pack will be available in both the US and in Europe. The blog didn’t say anything about Europe, and it made it sound like it would be in the US.

    1. Lately Marvel group packs have been exclusives to Disney Store UK without the option of shipping to the states, so I think that what they’re meaning here.

  6. Main line and the walmart and target exclusives look awesome! Wonder when they will be released because the movie dont come out till November

    1. If it’s anything like Suicide Squad, the Walmart and Target exclusives won’t be released until the day of the movie’s release but Hot Topic and other places will be selling the regulars and other exclusives they might get before that. However, DC & Marvel might do things differently

  7. This is why I LOVE FUNKO! I’m gonna (try) to buy up every bit of Doctor Strange merch I possibly can. Im beyond stoked!

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