PPG Exclusive! First look at a brand new exclusive Pop!

UPDATE: PlayandCollect have decided to put this up for order tonight! You can order it here.

Original post as follows:

The folks over at PlayandCollect.com have kindly given us an early look at their first ever exclusive Pop! Vinyl! It’s the lockpick perk Vault Boy from Fallout and he looks awesome! PlayandCollect are based in Lincoln, Ontario in Canada and have recently celebrated their first birthday. What better way to celebrate than with your own exclusive Pop! They plan to list the Pop! on their website tomorrow, so be sure to check back here for the link! (Don’t worry they ship internationally!)

Check it out below!

AirBrush_20160816162350 AirBrush_20160816161940




25 thoughts on “PPG Exclusive! First look at a brand new exclusive Pop!

  1. This is awesome! I order from them often, they pack extremely well. I’m just over in Ottawa!

  2. This Pop is already live on their site. Great place to shop by the way, my favourite shop in the area and in Ontario. Super nice as i work just down the road from the shop in Grimsby. So cool to hear they have their own exclusive!

  3. Nice to see an exclusive in Canada for a change :D. Not a fan of Fallout Pops myself, but neat nonetheless!

    1. I ordered and i am in the us. I used paypal and it automatically changes over to us currency. The total, plus shipping was only $16.66 for me =)

    2. I was able to order from the US. It got a little wonky with paypal but it finally worked and it converts it to US currency.

  4. Where is he in the Guide? I can’t find him to add to my collection. I know the value will be delayed but I’d still like to see him.

    1. International means outside their nation so if they only shipped to the US, which they don’t, they’d ship internationally. It never said they ship worldwide (which would mean they ship absolutely everywhere). Plus PC will get this eventually so don’t worry.

  5. Not too keen on the price once shipping is involved but what can you do. I’m assuming it might be worse for people across the boarder.
    I hate how it gives the option to pick up in store… Yes because I will fly there from the west coast to pick up my pop lol.

    1. Not sure they had you in mind genius. Not everyone lives so far away, some of us actually live close to where they sell things, for every online store whether Funko or furniture. In my case, I picked up mine at the actual store (whoaaa crazy, how is that possible?) so gotta say, love the option they allow me and others in the area to do it.

  6. For me when I buy in the USA, my credit card converts, I usually have to do the math so I know how much I’m spending but only a few sites will convert for you. Credit cards usually charge a small fee for conversion rates between countries.

  7. An update i wanted to share. I placed my order on the 17th and received my mr locksmith perk today, the 20th all the way from ontario, and i live in georgia. He arrived in absolutely perfect condition. The box looks like it came directly off of funkos shelves to mine. Very pleased with there shipping speed and the condition of the pop. Hope this helps anyone wondering about their shipping and packing =)

    1. I ordered mine on the 16th and it shipped the 17th. I got mine on the 20th as well and it was mint, case fresh like it had just been pulled from the line. I live in RI and was very skeptical, but totally glad I gave them a chance. I will definitely order from them again.

  8. I ordered two and they arrived today. they were well packed. but both boxes were damaged. one more than another. as an in box collector I was a bit disappointed with this purchase.

    1. Dang dude, hate to hear yours didn’t fair as well =/ Maybe see if they will ship you out a replacement or replacement box? The one concern I did have was the fact that mine had minimap bubble wrap in the box. But, if everyone who deals in collectable figures with collectable boxes, put “fragile” on the box for shipment, it would help keep the boxes from being stacked on and knocked around so much. I always have the p.o. to stamp my pops fragile when shipping and have always had good luck when they arrive.

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