Pint Size Heroes are Coming!

Funko have announced a brand new line of blind bag collectibles in Pint Size Heroes! These 1.5 inch mystery figures will reportedly have a lower price tag than Mystery Minis and combine what Funko loves about Pops and Dorbz. The first three sets will be Batman, Spider-Man and Steven Universe. You’ll also be able to find store specific exclusives at GameStop, Hot Topic and Toys R Us.

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18 thoughts on “Pint Size Heroes are Coming!

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  2. When will they stop focusing on new endeavors and start focusing on making existing products better, not just crappy repaints that have no quality control??? This is getting redonkulus.

  3. I wonder if there will be one in the Spiderman box. I guess we will find out qhen Funko spoils it tomorrow. It’s hard to say for sure without seeing them in person but I think I will prefer these over mystery minis.

  4. This is going to hurt my wallet. Not because I’m gonna spend hundreds on duplicates but because of the scalpers on eBay for the exclusives.

  5. Typical Funko again. Basically they’ve finally hit a point where their products are so popular they think that anything Funko branded will sell, and unfortunately people will keep buying the crap they keep coming out with. As much as I like collecting Pops right now, I won’t shed a tear when Funko as a company goes in the crapper. Seriously, if they put a dog turd in a box, slapped an exclusive sticker on it, and said it was limited to 1000 pieces people would buy it.

    1. Agree 100% with all of this. I am also extremely PO’d with Funko rolling out a new line every couple months. It has caused me to cancel my subscription boxes with them because I don’t want plush bean bag toys, or Dorbz, or Mugs, or anything like these “Pint Size Heroes” (that should just be called Blind Bag Mini Dorbz). I’m all for expansion but at a modest rate. Funko needs to check themselves before its too late because one of two things is going to Happen:

      1) All their lines sell well, and Funko gets richer

      or the more likely scenario

      2) They create so much inventory that people aren’t buying and they go broke.

      …and on a completely unrelated note: whats with Funko shop only shipping to the US??? I would love to buy some of the Freddy Pops but they won’t ship to Canada. Some local shops have them around me but there is no way in Hell I’m paying upwards of $70.

  6. Dorbz in Mystery MIni’s combined I’d say. I like them but I do agree that not everything Funko makes will sell very well (Vinyl Idols, MyMojis, etc.) These have potential (especially the Steven Universe ones) but they should just stick to existing lines.

  7. I like the look of these, but value-wise, are these worth it? Looking at sites, they’re like $5 each for a 1.5inch figure…

  8. I’m not impressed. They’re basically just smaller Dorbz. At least they have different expressions on their faces, which is one of the reasons Dorbz don’t capture the essence of the characters the way Pops do. And I hate blind bags / boxes. I want to know exactly what I’m paying for, and not waste money getting doubles or ones I don’t care about. At most, I might get a Harley for my GF, IF I can identify her by massaging the bag (yay for pigtails!).

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