Next Funko Specialty Series Items Announced!

Every month, Funko will be announcing one new Dorbz and one Pop! Vinyl to join their Specialty Series line! These items are exclusive to smaller retailers like comic books stores and shops that specialise in collectibles. The third announcement in this series was made today and you’ll be able to find the Pumpkin King Jack Dorbz and Max Rebo Pop! in October!

Pumpkin King Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Pumpkin King Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Max Rebo from Star Wars
Max Rebo from Star Wars


Will you be adding these to your collection when they’re released in October? Let us know in the comments!

33 thoughts on “Next Funko Specialty Series Items Announced!

  1. Sweet, it’s literally this minute just gone up for pre-order at

    Got mine ordered 🙂

  2. I see that Big Bad Toy Store has it for $16.99. I saw a few other places with it listed at $10.99 earlier. Unfortunately, I’m at work right now and haven’t had time to try to order it, so it already sold out on the sites where I saw it at $10.99. Maybe I’ll be able to find another cheaper listing sometime tonight after work.

  3. They must have a flood of pre-orders coming in for it already because I ordered mine at $10.99 then minutes later they put it up to $16.99, I was lucky 🙂

  4. Would have made more sense to put Max Rebo in the Jabba’s Palace box. Funko funks up again.

    1. perhaps in the Jabba box he’ll have his keyboard device….he looks so weird without it.

      Almost looks like Dobby from Harry Potter movies…

  5. Planet Front Street $8.99 (might be sold out already)
    Toy Wars
    Toy Wiz
    the top 2 I forgot the prices but was kinda expensive…….compared to Planet Front Street

    1. Ok guys…….just checked it out again and here it is:
      Both Toy Wars and Toy Wiz still have the Max Rebo for Pre – order but Toy Wars is way cheaper……….. Toy Wars $15.99

      Toy Wiz $24.99

      Hope this helps you guys a little ?

    1. America toy store raised their price to $24.99 . Go check out Clarks .Toys……..$19.99.

  6. Remember, this line is suppose to get smaller retail shops a chance at exclusives as well.
    Maybe try to go by your local comic shop and have them pre-order it for you. Save on shipping at least.

  7. seems like all have sold out at the cheaper prices. Just the 24.99 and 29.99 places left. 🙁

  8. Damn all that left is the America toy store which is 25 bucks.

    Damn should have checked toy wars.

  9. Ugh. Really do not like the looks of Max. Without his keyboard, he looks odd. Going to pass on him which is sad as I’d love to have him for a Jabba’s Palace display.

  10. Help…..where else can I place a order…..midtowncomics is sold out?…..everyone else jacked there prices up . ? Someone…..anyone know anywhere else I can order a decent priced “Rebo” please help……..?

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