28 thoughts on “Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man unboxing video — SPOILERS

  1. Glad I didn’t order this one. I would’ve only been satisfied with the Pop! and the pin.

  2. They played it way too safe by only having one iteration of Spider-Man and only Spider-Man. And they tossed out a potentially awesome shirt for yet another cap that looks even more drab and lifeless than the other caps. So are they trying to sell subscriptions or sell hats we wouldn’t buy outside these boxes?

  3. As if squirrel girl wasnt bad .now this .wouldve been great if it was a mary jane pop or something we dont already have 20 variants of .possibly this is my last corps box

    1. Dude the Squirrel Girl POP was great. This one not great. How many different poses of heroes do we get a year? How many different Spideys, Batmen, and Superdudes, are on the market compared to the ONE Squirrel Girl? Come off the high horse and just stop being a salty whiner because it’s not a different POP.

  4. Kinda glad I missed out. I’m not fond of the Fabrikations, the pop’s a slightly retooled version of the Deadpool from February’s box, and I’d probably lose the hat during lawn work. 3/10 for this box. Not enough risks taken.

  5. Women of power sucked, yes squirrel girl is unique but it shows how unpopular she is, I really wanted a black cat pop there.
    This box, i havnt received mine yet but saw the video, is ok, its not great but it coulda been worse. I was personally hoping, theyd do an upside down pose hanging from a web so I am disappointed but you know what oh well…
    Yes I agree I was really wanting a spidey shirt and they failed, the hats are nice for every other other box but being someone who doesnt wear hats it feels like a waste.

  6. My first collectors box. The cap sucks! They would have been better off with putting in a shirt and a different pop instead of that stuffed spider-man. But of course I will be happy with it since it is my first collectors box.

  7. ANOTHER BOX THAT SUCKS!! I think I’m cancelling my sub! The last marvel one sucked and they followed up with another crummy box! Being this is a sub, we should be getting better pops then this! While Walgreens gets green goblin and we can’t get that because Walgreens can’t have enough stock to keep up with demand. This box certainly isn’t worth the 31.95. The sub exclusives should be just as good as the con excls!

  8. Have to agree with everyone who expressed disappointment at the Pop being another Spidey. Where are the Spidey villains? Classic villains like Mysterio, The Vulture, Scorpion, The Lizard, Rhino, Sandman, Kraven, and the classic Electro are just waiting to be made as Pops. Heck, I would’ve even settled for Shocker, the Prowler, or Morlun. At the very least, they could’ve given us an unmasked Spider-Man in that jumping pose.

    The rest of the box is OK. I have about a trillion T-shirts so I don’t mind the baseball cap, and the Fabrikations Spidey is different for me since I don’t own any. Overall, this box gets a 6/10 from me. If enough people vote with their dollar (by not buying these boxes) then the powers that be might wake up and try harder.

    1. Exactly. After I saw the spoilers of this box and being extremely disappointed, I immediately went to LOC to un sub only to find out they already charged me for the next LOC box.

      The Smuggler’s Bounty Jabba’s Palace was the first inclination to me that this may be a waste of money. To this day PPG is taunting us with that poll on the upper left side of the page asking what Pop we want in Jabba’s Palace. What a joke that last SB box was.

      The real reason I’m unsubbing from all three is the hat’s. I’m not a hat person. Everyone wears shirts. I love the shirts. I wear most of them in bed. Funko lost a customer because of a hat. (I’m hoping that stupid mug was just a one time only thing). No shirt no deal Funko!

  9. Pop is ok but it should’ve been another variation of his costume..ie scarlet, superior, noir or even amazing bag man! Hat is ugly & the fabrikations don’t sell in stores so why would we want one? Very disappointed with this box! I won’t be getting the dr strange box.

  10. So angry why did i think funko could pull off an amazing box what a worthless hunk of spider crap it was spideys birthday last week this is what you give us!? i wasted my hard earned money took me literally two months to make the money no joke i am utterly disappointed the pin just has a spider on it when they could have explored spideys history and made it a 2099 pin with spider man 2099 on it or venom on it something cooler than a spider the hat is a lame cheap crap excuse to save money on shirts and shirt design printing fabrication??? really don’t even uhhg i will never NEVER purchase a MCC SB LOC BOX EVER AGAIN!

    1. That really sucks, I’m sorry to hear 🙁 The only sub box I ever signed up for was first LOC and I’ve been so thankful I cancelled and haven’t joined any the others.

      Since Funko announced all boxes will contain a hat instead of Tee, I’ll save and pay $25-$30 on eBay for the Pop if I really want it.

      1. That is incorrect. Not all boxes will have hats but the Marvel hats are exclusive to these boxes.

  11. CKnap has a good point….and upside down spiderman would’ve been great. Hell, even a swinging spiderman demand. Hat ok, the plush will go to the kids to play with. This box could’ve been better but thats the chance we all take when buying these boxes. ??for this box

  12. I have too many shirts as it is, but I don’t wear hats, so I am largely neutral in the great hats vs. shirts debate.

    I kind of like the fabrikation, and I like seeing different stuff in with the Pop, so that’s a plus.

    Still, I am disappointed with this box. I would have much rather seen some alternate versions of Spiey, or some of his villains, or Mary Jane or J J Jameson or even Aunt May. Doing a whole box where everything features a single character is boring.

  13. I didn’t have any SPIDER-MAN pop before so this will be my one. The FABRIKATION will be something I give to someone for a gift… The hat however…. um, most girls I know don’t wear baseball caps, so they are killing their female audience with including them instead of t-shirts.

  14. If anyone is willing to sell the Spider-man pop from the collectors corps box I might buy it off you!

  15. Another guy here who is extremely disappointed in this box. I’m not super disappointed with the Fabrikations, but the hat is a COMPLETE deal breaker for me. I signed up to get a shirt on these boxes every month. I NEVER wear hats (especially stupid flat billed hats) and the shirt was how I justified the cost of the box. $25 for a shirt that I will wear often and a pop is a good deal to me. $25 for only a pop (because I don’t really care about the rest of the contents) is a rip off.

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