ICYMI: Hot Topic Fallout Mystery Pops

In case you haven’t heard, Hot Topic will be selling another batch of Mystery Pops! This batch are all variations of Vault Boy from the popular video games series, Fallout.

They will be available online tonight around 9.30 PST and in stores tomorrow!

You have a 1/3 chance of getting the Charisma (Thumbs Up), Medic and Toughness variants and a 1/10 chance of getting the chase skeleton Vault Boy.


18 thoughts on “ICYMI: Hot Topic Fallout Mystery Pops

  1. Am I the only one excited for this? Granted, I really only want the Charisma and the Chase but they all look cool!

    1. Is there a link to the buying page?I don’t want them to go out of stock before I even find the page 🙁

  2. Strange that all 4 could be preordered from some other stores and it wasn’t a mystery… kind of takes away from HT having them as mysteries

  3. The whole ‘mystery box’ pop thing isn’t very appealing to me. Last time I bought 4 and got two sets of doubles. Why not just make them straight up HT exclusives?

    1. So you’ll buy more….why sell you 4 when they can sell you at least double that!!

    1. Hey guys………..up above is the link to the Hot Topic Mystery Vault boy box. It’s on now …..go and purchase yours before its all gone, and you don’t have to go to the mall tomorrow to get them. They also have Flocked Dug and the Clark Kent exclusives out too woo Hoo!!!!

  4. I would get these but I already have a sizable Fallout Bobblehead collection. Those I think look better than these pops to be honest.

  5. These ones that they call “chase” aren’t even like actully real chases I’m not wasting my money this time these mystery boxes are annoying I did get lucky with the Deadpool ones but and got the “chase” ones but like I said they were like fake chase ones haha so no if I want any of these ill just get them from Popcultcha

  6. I agree, it’s not really a chase. I feel like it should glow in the dark or something and as for the charisma (thumbs up) it look like it should be a standard release. They need to step it up for the next wave of mystery pops or just stop doing them and just make them regular hot topic excl. Plus im sick of 8 of them and only getting the same two. Ive bought close to 30 mystery pops since they started doing them and have never completed a set or gotten a chase.

    1. “I feel like it should glow in the dark or something” so have you even done any research on these? I personally have 3 chases from the new fallout mystery boxes, and they all glow. Maybe you shouldn’t slam a pop and make false statements regarding them?!

    2. I’ve been lucky with these as I bought 3 each of the Black Friday DC POP’s, The first Deadpool wave and this Fallout wave and got the chase in each set. This fallout set was the first one I did not get any doubles as the previous 2 I ended up with 2 of the same common which I was fortunately able to trade easily for a common i was missing.

  7. I apologize i have not seen anything about them being GITD that being said i still stand by statement. This run seems phoned in. I think there cool looking pops just not much of a “limited exclusive “. Funko has been coming up with some great new sculps lately and with the last two mystery runs there just repaints. It would be nice to see something new. Toughness is just a superman body with a vault boy head. ” limited exclusive” should be just that not leftover and re-painted. Im not trying to slam funko i love there products this is just my opinion. I have to ask How many boxes did you have to buy to get 3 chase pops?

  8. I went to HT to get a few boxes and some guy was weighing them to take all the chases. Apparently the chase is the lightest. If you see any of these idiots don’t buy any because you have zero shot at a Chase!

  9. I’m thinking this will be Hot Topics EPIC fail on mystery boxes. I don’t think Fallout has the market to sustain these. My store only sold 9 of the 120 they got in within the first three days.

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