Hot Topic Exclusives for August

There’s a plethora of Hot Topic exclusives to look out for this month! If it’s Pops you’re after you can expect to find a flocked Dug from UP!, Clark Kent, Amethyst (Glow in the Dark), Jareth (Labyrinth) and a Bullseye and Zebra Batman 2-Pack! There will also be a couple of exclusive Pop! keychains in the forms of Green Goblin and a black and white Loki. On top of that you can expect to find a “sepia” tone Captain America Dorbz. (Not sure Funko knows what Sepia is but it looks cool!)


You can watch Hot Topic’s YouTube video for a better look!

20 thoughts on “Hot Topic Exclusives for August

  1. Clark Kent and the Batman double pack are must haves for me. Somebody at Hot Topic is really passionate about getting those DC exclusives over anyone else.

    1. And thank goodness for that! Hot Topic seems to be the only place I can actually obtain exclusives from when they come out without having to resort to ebay… I’ve never found any in the wild for Target, Walgreens or Wal-Mart..

      1. At my Walgreens I have to wait four months. Mostly because the pharmacy hocks it to ebay before they even try to stock it.

      2. And the day after I posted that I found a bunch of the Suicide Squad exclusives at Wal-Mart. Grabbed suit Joker and Dr Harleen, so it was a nice surprise.

  2. The Green Goblin (On Glider) Funko Pocket Keychain looks sweet too! Nice to see anyone but Walgreens finally get an Exclusive GG Funko! Ha

  3. Whats different about Jareth versus the original, his outfit? I couldn’t tell.
    Got me a Clark Kent so far.

    1. Hot Topic exclusive Jareth is the one from the ball scene. The other Jareth has a staff and is in his King outfit.

  4. Glad I keep holding off on getting all of the Steven Universe Pops since they keep making GITD ones for Hot Topic.

  5. Clark Kent is on Hold for me. When does the Batman 2-pack come out? Also, I think Funko should drop WM and WG as exclusive carriers since both places have the most screwed up distribution known to mankind.

  6. I really and truly hope that the Amethyst ( glow in the dark) glows a lot better the the Steven and Garnet in the series. They were a huge disappointment!

  7. Ooo I so want the Clark Kent and I would love that Jareth as well. I still can’t seem to get my hands on a Dr. Harleen Quinn. Walmart kind of sucks at POP exclusives.

    1. There should be a Funko endcap in the toy dept. somewhere. That’s where I found them.

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