Funko Fundays 2016 Golden Tickets

Those fortunate enough to attend Funko’s Annual Fundays event during SDCC this year had an amazing opportunity to open a chocolate Funko Bar to look for a Golden Ticket! The announcement was made by Oompa Loompa’s singing a Funko song to the tune of the original tune from the classic movie.  The 4 Golden Ticket Winners each received one of 10  Limited Edition Golden Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa Pop 2 Packs AND were invited to the factory for a guided Tour and a look behind the scenes!

FunkoBarFront                                                                   FunkoBarBack


The Golden Tickets read: Funko’s Golden Ticket Greetings to you the lucky winner of this Golden Ticket,From Mr. Brian Mariotti Present this Ticket at the Factory gates at Ten O’Clock in the Evening of the Twenty Second Day of July and do not be late. You may bring with you one member of your own Family…and only one…but no one else…In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous SURPRISES that await YOU!!


Congrats to ConquestComics and the other winners as well as everyone in attendance! Fundays is always quite an event but this Willy Wonka inspired giveaway has to be one of the coolest contests EVER! Most of us will never have the chance to get a peek behind the curtain at Funko Headquarters so it’s cool that Original Funko took the time to put this video together.


Special thanks to EBay seller stl_ben for letting us share your Funko Bar photos!

13 thoughts on “Funko Fundays 2016 Golden Tickets

  1. Wow how special is that giveaway??.. you literally will never get that 2-pack on the secondary market as the winners of those would not want to ever let go of them. If one ever does happen to show up, well, good luck winning it in auction lol

  2. I’m relatively new to Pop collecting. That sounds super cool! I’ve never before heard of a company going that far above and beyond for a select group of very lucky fans. (Except in the movie, of course.) Kids (and man-children) better be well behaved!

  3. I got very lucky yesterday, i got to hold that bad boy at Conquest shop yesterday.
    Very nice guys there and great shop.

  4. Please add this to the price guide, even if it won’t have any price data. I got #3 of 10 (NFS/NFT) and would love to add to my collection list.

        1. Thank you! It was amazing! By far, one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

  5. We got 2 bars but no such luck for us. But as an artist I would have relished the opportunity to see more behind the scenes productions.

  6. Not everyone at my table didn’t even get a chocolate bar. They found 4 winners and by the time they got to our table – the guy had two bars in the basket – passed it to 2 people shrugged, said he would be right back and never came back…. it was the guy that would run out trying to get the crowd to scream for team vadar…. Was frustrating… Next time maybe they can hand out the chocolate bar, then announce the contest so people don’t bumrush the distributors…

    1. I saw everyone bum-rushing and thought to myself, “oh well”. I just stayed in my seat. One of the guys came right up next to my table and I was able to get one and the. He threw one at our table that I got. Not even sure which one was the winner, but it sure made me glad I just stayed where I was.

  7. that is so awesome, i love hearing about stuff like this, i can’t even imagine what they would be worth considering other pops have sold for over a thousand dollars and this twin pack must be some of the rarest, if not the rarest pop out there?

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