(Updated) Four Vault Boy Pops Coming to Hot Topic?

UPDATE: Ikon have added images so we now have our first look at these four Vault Boy Pops!

FUN10513--Fallout-Vault-Boy-Medic-Perk-Pop FUN10512--Fallout-Vault-Boy-Toughness-Pop FUN10510--Fallout-Vault-Boy-Thumbs-Up-Pop FUN10707--Fallout-Vault-Boy-Skelton-Perk-Pop

Original post as follows:

Ikon – an Australian distributor that has been the source of many new reveals – just listed four Vault Boy Pops on their site. There are currently no images, but they are all stated to be Hot Topic exclusives in the U.S! Will these be the next set of Mystery Pops?  We will update you with any new info as it comes!

The four variants are:

  • Skelton Perk Vault Boy
  • Thumbs Up Vault Boy
  • Toughness Vault Boy
  • Medic Perk Vault Boy


11 thoughts on “(Updated) Four Vault Boy Pops Coming to Hot Topic?

  1. Why does it say their availability is up for pre-order when hot topic doesn’t even do pre orders?

    1. They are up for preorder in Australia. Most likely they will be HT mystery boxes in the US.

  2. I’m not positive but I seen 4 different pop size boxes w/o the vault boy on them at the hot topic by me when I went to grab the con exclusives. I’m not into it,but I meant to ask but was distracted by the employee helping me she was cosplay as black canary.

  3. Jeeeez do I really have to get my passport to drive down to buffalo for these? Why won’t Canada hot topics get these?

  4. Was hoping for that mirrored light headband thingy (yep, i can’t remember what it is called lol) for the medic one, definately gotta grab a thumbs up and strength vault boy. Hope they release more perks in the future. Like collecting the vault boy statues, wobblers, and minis.

  5. Hot topic Canada’s does get these… I’ve seen the Deadpool mystery boxes when they came out. Any new pops Canada gets , they just might get them a little later as Canada isn’t first to be sent shipments.

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