(Update) First Look at the Brand New A Clockwork Orange Pop!

UPDATE: Thanks to a look at the back of the box, it looks like we can also expect a masked variant of Alex DeLarge! No word on where this will be available but I’d hazard a guess at NYCC!

UPDATE #2: Entertainment Earth has put these up for preorder with a September delivery date. An official image has been released as well (at the bottom of this post).


Photo: Instagram user @rickpop85

Original post as follows:

While it hasn’t been officially announced, it seems Funko have made a brand new Alex Delarge Pop! Vinyl. Instagram user LukeSkywalkerJR found one at his local Hot Topic store today! Check it out below.


Official Glam Shot
Official Glam Shot

As some of you may know, the original Alex Delarge Pop (that never made it to production) is a highly sort after collectible in the Funko community with only 12 in existence (plus 12 glow in the dark pieces).

21 thoughts on “(Update) First Look at the Brand New A Clockwork Orange Pop!

  1. I see there are already two listings on eBay for this using this same picture.
    That was quick!

  2. This looks like an awfully made fake. I realize it’s real, just doesn’t look that good to me.

  3. To the last comment, it looks 100x better than the original. And theirs another version of alex with his mask on. My hot topic is getting them in tomorrow.

    1. I have, one of my ultimate favorites. Was hoping if a line were made we’d get theDroogs or a Ludovico Treatment variant lol.

    2. Only saw part of the movie then kind of zoned out since it didn’t capture my attention. But I loved the book ( kuch also didn’t capture my attention at first, so we’ll see about giving the movie another go)

    3. Read the book then watched film, actually got an A on my A-Level coursework analysing the book, I loved it so much!

    1. I know alot of times, I will sell or trade a pop and forget about removing it from my collection tracker until I come across it while going through my collection. Could be a few of those forgot or are simply people that don’t use the page anymore. Just a thought =)

  4. Probably everybody. I would find it kind of weird for people to want to buy this pop without having seen the movie.

  5. Original had 24 I read somewhere….12 glow/ 12 standard. Doesn’t matter, in a year from now you’ll wish you had got 1….lol

  6. I’ve seen the movie & own a copy of the book,though it’s been awhile since read or watched the movie. Hopefully I get my hands on one.

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