First look at some Rogue One Pops!

Last night, Entertainment Weekly gave us our first look at a couple of upcoming Rogue One – A Star Wars Story Pop! Vinyl figures, Jyn Erso and Director Orson Krennic. Check them out below!



Good Morning America also gave us a quick look at a few other characters this morning!


From left to right: Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Chirrut Îmwe, K-2SO, Orson Krennic and a second Chirrut Îmwe.

It’s currently unclear if there will be a variant of Chirrut Îmwe, but if you look closely it does seem that the one in the center may have a scarred face.

Expect a full reveal from Funko in the not-so-distant future!

7 thoughts on “First look at some Rogue One Pops!

  1. I just don’t get why they make so many Star Wars pops when they all sell so poorly. Even the Walgreens & Walmart Exclusives don’t draw much interest and are taking up shelf space, as I type this, at all my local retail locations.

  2. Because any store has gobs of them. Even ones where they didn’t get many in like TFA Luke he’s there every time I go. Other lines sell out or have a few of the least coveted ones but there are tons of SW pops at every store I go to. And before you say it’s the ‘peg warmers’ I see Boba Fett, Luke, even the convention Han and Luke ceremony ones were easily found. I mean also they’ve kinda saturated it a bit. SW is in a ‘slow’ period…did we really need all those new Reys or two Maz’s? Did we need another unmasked Kylo? All those weird droids nobody cares about. I have about a dozen SW pops that I want to unload. I’ve stopped buying them. The cheap plasticky feel…and I hate the bobble heads. I’ve gotten some with bent springs and the head sits cock-eyed. I will pick up a Vader RO pop if one is made and the Erso I admit does look very nice but beyond that I’m not interested.

    1. It might just be where you live because a lot are getting moved where I live. If I see one at a store once, it’s gone the next time I come back, usually within a week. The only ones I see dozens of are Nien Nunb (the true question is why did they make him) and Sidon Ithano. A few General Leias too. Our con exclusive Hans and Lukes disappeared relatively fast and the Walgreens exclusives are usually not there when I look. If I find a General Hux it’s rare, and TFA Leia in her gown and older Han are almost never on the shelves. Battle Rey has been hard too. Never once seen a Boba Fett. It’s hard to assume the market is the same wherever you go. I’d prefer if they made more, actually.

      As for the second unmasked Kylo, he was supposed to have his facial scar in his concept art but that got lost in translation somewhere. I agree that getting another plain unmasked Kylo was a disappointment and they should’ve actually gone through with the product they were advertising. Pre-ordered it for that reason and was kind of disappointed that the product didn’t measure up.

  3. I can’t wait until these come out! It doesn’t matter to me what they “saturate” the market with, I enjoy all eras of Star Wars and as an avid collector they all unbox and sit on shelves in my home office for anyone who comes over to see. I don’t have a care in the value, thats not why I collect them. Do springs bend and heads sit askew? sure, a few do, but I have not come across one I wasn’t able to fix or return (thanks to the “saturation” I’m sure). Its definitely a very cool thing to collect, they sit comfortably among the Kotobukiya and Sideshow Hot Toys I also collect. Big thanks to Funko for the Pops and PPG for the heads up!

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