Dose of Dorbz Vol. 3 (Better Late Than Never)

Welcome to another edition of Dose of Dorbz! I’d like to apologise for the amount of time since the last volume, but things have been non-stop crazy lately! I am going to try and post around every two weeks from this point forward, so thank you for your patience and I hope you guys continue enjoying these posts!

This week we will be spotlighting the Adventure Time set as well as recapping all of the latest Dorbz announcements!

If you haven’t seen the amazingly popular cartoon, Adventure Time, you’ve probably still seen all kinds of fantastic merchandise for it! The Dorbz definitely don’t disappoint and are some of my favourites to date!

First up: Finn the Human! Funko did a wonderful job with this figure. His sculpted backpack, sword and hat all come together to make it really stand out. Finn is definitely ready to set out on an adventure!

FU6323lg (1)

You can’t have Finn without Jake and while he isn’t quite as detailed as his human friend, Jake still looks great with his trademark ears and jowl.


Princess Bubblegum comes complete with her long pink hair and crown and it definitely captures her character completely! The chase version (which I can’t wait to track down) switches out her dress for a lab coat and is definitely my personal favourite Dorbz chase piece to date. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know Peebs is a scientist first above anything else, so it really is a nice touch.


Flame Princess is another excellently sculpted figure from this set. The flames on her hands really add something to this piece.


The final character from this set is Marceline the Vampire Queen. While I personally would’ve preferred to see her holding something like her axe-guitar (maybe too large) or Hambo, I’m glad Funko added the small details such as the bite marks on her neck and her vampire teeth.


What do you think of the Adventure Time Dorbz set? Be sure to let us know in the comments! You can check out a few photos below.

IMG_20160705_153313 IMG_20160703_210639



Now let’s take a look at some recent announcments!

Today Funko announced Arrow and The Flash Dorbz. Arrow, Speedy, The Flash and Zoom will be widely available in October where they will be joined by two GameStop exclusives: Malcolm Merlyn and Reverse Flash.

jpeg (83) jpeg (82) jpeg (81) jpeg (80) jpeg (79) jpeg (78)

A couple of other recent exclusive Dorbz have also been detailed! Entertainment Earth have a Toughness Perk Vault Boy available to pre-order. You can also expect to find a Rainbow Batman at Hot Topic very soon!

9ut911hlywbx-768x1037 FU10755lg

And finally, with Halloween not too far away now, Funko announced a new set of The Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz. Lock, Shock and Barrel will be joined by Behemoth!

jpeg-38-1 jpeg-41-1 jpeg-42-1 jpeg-45-1

Which Dorbz are you most excited to get your hands on? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

—Order Adventure Time Dorbz here!—

—Pre-order Arrow/Flash Dorbz here!—

—Pre-Order the Entertainment Earth exclusive Toughness Perk Vault Boy Dorbz here—-

—Pre-Order The Nightmare Before Christmas Dorbz here!—

2 thoughts on “Dose of Dorbz Vol. 3 (Better Late Than Never)

  1. I’m definitely getting the horror Dorbz. I’m most likely going to pre order the Flash Dorbz also.

  2. I have been wavering on whether or not to get some of the Adventure Time Dorbz but now I know I need to get myself a Flame Princess & Marceline.

    And Lock, Shock & Barrel are MUSTS!

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