Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice Sepia Wonder Woman

The Sepia Wonder Woman from Batman Versus Superman : Dawn of Justice is due to be released August 9th in the US as a Walmart Exclusive. With Availability being spotty for most Walmart Exclusives it’s good to know we can find a lot of US Exclusives across the Pond in the UK (Forbidden Planet Intl. & Underground Toys) or at Popcultcha in Australia.  Sepia Wonder Woman is available In Stock from PC at the moment with a Limit of 3 Per Person. Will you be adding this Wonder Woman variant to your DC Collection??


WonderWomanSepiaBVSS                                            Timeline_Cover_doNotRename27WonderWoman

14 thoughts on “Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice Sepia Wonder Woman

  1. Any direct link for this Sepia Wonder Woman? Tried searching Forbidden’s site and no dice. Or any site besides PC. Thanks.

    1. I’m sure it’s because this is a simple repaint of an existing figure that they can rush to stores to cash in on the heat WWI-era WW got off of the SDCC trailer release.

  2. This is a “must have” as long as I can find it. That’s always the tricky part.

  3. Being new to Walmart exclusives, will they have it on website the morning of the 9th or is it only in stores?

  4. This one looks like the WWI era photo. That makes sense. I never understood the “patina” Pops! from this line.

  5. I found the Harleen & Joker exclusives tonight so I dont think Ill have a problem finding this one…nor do I think it will be as sought after either. Cant wait to add it to the collection.

  6. Why in gods name are Walmart Exclusives hard to find?

    My local Walmart doesn’t have a single suicide squad POP, and I’ve checked every other day since July 1st.

  7. Nothing on the Walmart website….hopefully when it does hit the website, it will be available a bit longer than the Joker/Dr.Harleen Exclusives

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