Asterix Pops available for pre-order on FPI

Forbidden Planet has made Asterix POPs available for pre-order on its site. This is to coincide with the animated feature, Asterix : The Mansion Of The Gods.

Underground Toys is distributing for the European market but there is no information yet about other regions.

Currently available are Asterix and Obelix.



12 thoughts on “Asterix Pops available for pre-order on FPI

  1. Wtf is Asterix? Out of all the Pops they could make, why would they choose something THIS obscure???

    1. Almost everyone in Europe knows Asterix. It’s one of the most well known comics. It’s not that popular in the US but this is obviously aimed to the European market. The comic has been out for over 50 years and there’s even a theme park in France.

    2. They are by no means obscure characters. They are some of the most iconic French comic book characters of all time and are right up there with Tintin (although I bet you’ve never heard of him either!).

      1. +1

        I don’t live in Europe nor am I of European descent, but I know Asterix and Obelix from books and occasional glimpses of their cartoon on TV. Glad the folks at Funko aren’t confining themselves to American pop culture….really looking forward to getting these guys!

    3. They’re not obscure in the slightest. And I’m in Canada. Don’t assume just because you don’t know what it is, that it’s obscure. It’s very close-minded…

  2. Pre-ordered mine! Before Batman and Spider-man I was reading Asterix. And Tintin! Would love a Tintin, Captain Haddock, Snowy and Thompson Twins 5-pack!

  3. Cool to see something like this. Would also like to see Tintin and Lucky Luke POPs. First time I’ve ever heard of Asterix was seeing a Sega Genesis (Mega Drive if you’re European) game about him.

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