Suicide Squad Legion of Collectors – SPOILERS

Many of you are likely eagerly awaiting your Suicide Squad Legion of Collectors boxes! Well it seems some have already started receiving them, so if you would like to see what goodies are inside you can check below!

Thanks to Instagram user randomkog87 we have a great look at what’s inside this month’s box. First up is the highly hinted at Enchantress Pop! (which looks amazing!)


There are also two action figures – The Joker & Harley – from what seems to be a brand new line.

The rest of the contents include a Sucicide Squad t-shirt and comic, Deadshot pin and a Katana patch.

Are you excited to receive your box? Let us know in the comments!

36 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Legion of Collectors – SPOILERS

  1. Yes!!!!!! Glad i passed on this one. Yippy ky yay.

    Is so exciting when you order these crates. Dont know if its a hit or miss.

    1. Good thing I passed on this one too but seems this box had a lot of things. I might pass on the Women Of DC box too & go with MCC Spiderman

  2. pretty decent. action figures look pretty similar to the multiverse ones though.

  3. LOVE the enchantress pop! i’ll be wearing that shirt to the first night the movie is here in town. nice box!

  4. Crap man! It came with exactly what I DIDN’T want. Enchantress POP and some lame action figures. I’m PRAYING that my friend(s) will want to buy the stuff I don’t want…

  5. I’m a long time DC fan and i dont get all the clamoring and excitement over the Enchantress Pop… inconsequential, d-list character at best….this box is a major disappointment. An Amanda Waller Pop would have made more sense. Btw, does anyone know what issue of Suicide Squad the included comic book reprints?

    1. 1) Cara Delevingne is sexually attractive and is playing a creepy mysterious character so that checks off both the male and female demographics.

      2) It’s issue #1.

    1. Probably Ebay when people get the box and doesn’t want it. That will probably be your best bet.

    2. Funko DC booth in SDCC will most likely have this box, and all the other ones too, last year was the same with the collector corps

    3. yeah…ebay a day or two after they show up.

      don’t look at me though, she’s already got a spot on the shelf waiting for her.

    4. The Star Wars box and Marvel right now you can buy pass boxes marked 30% off I can o my assume the DC box will do the same

    1. No. You can subscribe for the Women of DC box and buy whichever old boxes you like.

  6. Beautiful. Instead of the stylized collectibles I’m used to getting I get cheap SS action figures with absolutely nothing unique about them. At least the rest of the box sorta makes up for how disappointed I am. If this happens again next box, I won’t be renewing my subscription.

  7. First box purchase from anywhere. Seems decent.’may sell the pop figure . Love how the shirt and action figures look. Also the comic

  8. Everyone wants new stuff from Funko then when they deliver everyone starts bitching & moaning! Y’all crying over Enchantress & new figures.. I’m not a fan of Squirrel Girl but thought her Pop was awesome! If Funko did a half regular Enchantress/half black spell Enchantress would have been a cool idea like when they did Morbid!
    I’m a founding MCC member & LOC member.. every Star wars box I’ve seen has been disappointing tho.

  9. Funko did NOT deliver with this box. I don’t see the point of making the Enchantress Pop an exclusive. It should have been a regular. That’s why this box was such a disappointment. Amanda Waller should have been the Pop in this box. Making Enchantress the exclusive Pop was just a money grab on Funko’s part. Their marketing confirms it. You cant complete the set without subscribing to the box. I didn’t have any idea of who Cara Delevingne was before and frankly i dont care. Just another model that Hollywood wants us to believe is an actress. Who cares. Worst. Box. Ever. The next box looks promising and looks like it’s not tied in to a movie or TV show.

    1. Lol at ever. Guardians of the Galaxy box and Women of Power say hello!!! Not a bad box at all, Amanda Waller, really?? A person in a suit? Laughable, Enchantress is decent, better.than yet another Joker/Harley variant. Will be skipping next box tho……another real candidate for worse box ever.

  10. If anyone wants to get rid of the Enchatress pop! I’d love to get it from us!! 🙂

  11. Damn, was hoping it wasn’t this one. Kinda cool I guess. The action figures look alright.

  12. Lol what I dont get is….why subscribe to get a box with a pop you knows coming in it? Lol hmmmmm what’s more disappointing of knowing n not doing anything about it then bitching bout it…lol my first box and Im very pleased with it… So the next box is a women of dc box? Do these subscription boxes always promise a pop?

    1. @ANOK yes, the subscription boxes are run by funko and it’s an exclusive pop every time. i think the marvel box ships even months, DC IS odds, not sure about the star wars box.

      i rather like the enchantress pop. not sure about the figures but i have a friend that’s in love with harley and joker so they might just be a present for her. the rest is pretty rad too. i like this box!

      next box is women of DC…..commence speculation. i want to see a zatanna pop!

  13. I think this is a great box. Can’t wait to receive mine. I think Funko, is doing the best they can to appease all types of collectors with there products. Pop looks amazing and the figures are decent, really dig the packaging!

  14. I subbed just for this theme and as a Harley/Joker fan, I am chuffed for the comic book variant, two action figures and the tee shirt and I’ll probably sell/trade the rest.

    For me not a bad start and it looks like Harley could be in the next box too ?

  15. First box and i love it. The 2 action figures are worth it alone for me as i collect all Batman. The pop will fill out my SS line and allow me to move on to other toys from the movie. Did i mention how awesome those figures are. Hoping for some awesome Batgirl stuff in the next one.

  16. I think everyone knew what POP! to expect this month, but the action figures are such a letdown. I was so on the fence about ordering this box, but figured they couldn’t do us wrong; especially after the first 2 boxes absolutely killed it.
    However I’m now gonna be stuck with some lame action figures I have no interest in at all and already know I won’t be able to sell them for more than pennies… Sure wish I held off and waited to see what it would include.
    Btw I also had some hope it wouldn’t be Entchantress and possibly a better surprise. Guess that hard to pull off when they’ve already done pretty much every variant they could have of Suicide Squad… Tattoo Man would have been a cool surprise though, but they wouldn’t want to “spoil” the movie I assume.
    Boy does this movie have A LOT to live up to! They have hyped this one at least twice as much as BvS (which was an amazing movie and now I’m pissed I listened to moron reviewers bash it & never saw it in theaters).

  17. REALLY? I can’t believe people would prefer Enchantress over an Amanda Waller Pop in a Suicide Squad box??? It’s a Suicide Squad box FFS!!!!! Unbelievable.

  18. One more vote for Enchantress. The Dc Boxes have been pretty awesome. I would have preferred another rock candy figure but I guess Funko is experimenting with the secondary product.

    1. I am personally excited for enchantress, it is the only funko pop besides the joker in boxers that I didn’t have. So I am happy! I see a lot of mixed reviews about the legion of collectors monthlyrics subscription, does anyone have a better suggestion for a funko pop Collector??

  19. Im looking foward to everything, except the 2 figure toys! Lol Glad I got this box! Looking forward to the MCC Spiderman box!

  20. All i wanted was Enchantress so i dont know why you guys are complaining. Everything besides Tshirt may be up for sale tho

  21. Got mine today. Packing box was in great shape, but whoever packed it, has no clue how to handle a Pop! At least it’s not beyond repair this time, and I can take an iron to fix it. The enchantress pop, is ok would have preferred an Amanda Waller. like the shirt, pin, patch, and comic. The biggest letdown has to be is the 2 action figures. Both plastic fronts fell off just like reaction figures always do. I hated them, and I hate these. You can’t sell them, maybe I can give them to the neighborhood kids. I will be cancelling this box also. I am going with popinabox and thegrailbox. So I know I get pops in good condition from now on.

    1. My action figures fell off their cards as I picked them up out of the box. So frustrating. My four year old daughter has them now. Harley’s pigtails have already broken off.

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