Official SDCC Shared Exclusives Guide

Funko officially announced which of their SDCC 2016 exclusives would be shared with stores today on their blog! We’ve made a couple of images that might be easier to look at than a long list! Will you be out hunting tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!



It is also worth noting that Funko included links to the items that will be available online! (The links are currently dead and will presumably go live tomorrow)



104 thoughts on “Official SDCC Shared Exclusives Guide

  1. They said a week or so ago that indy was a con only exclusive, also no brak or zorak πŸ™

    1. Brak and Zorak are Toy Tokyo exclusives.
      Will probably show up on TT’s website after the con for closer to flipper prices.

    1. I’m wondering the same thing. Last year I woke up at 4 am and the blue Heisenberg was already sold out online. I won’t sleep tonight because those flippers won’t

  2. Tonight is the SDCC Preview Night, from 3 pm to 9 pm. The links on the Funko website will go live tonight at 9, because that way the people at Preview Night don’t have to go online. Tomorrow morning, the stores mentioned above will be fully stocked with all the new exclusives for people not fortunate enough to attend Comic Con.

  3. It’s a different Indy that will be sold at Disney. As for Indy, it’s really disappointing that this isn’t coming to a store like Hot Topic. I understand that they have Star Wars exclusives (for example) in stores since there are so many characters. But for lack of a better description, it’s a real dick move to put a character like that (on it’s own) as a Con-only exclusive. It’s like it’s a competition now to get them. Seems like there’s a few people on here that are having anxiety about this – relax, life will go on! Just don’t pay a flipper for what you want regardless of how much you want it, otherwise it never stops.

    1. It’s not really Funko’s fault, they don’t have the indiana Jones license, they can only do it at the park as they have a contract for that to sell Indy merchandise only at parks and at conventions. So it’s not their choice to not sell in stores, out of their hands. Hopefully one day.

  4. So the Walgreens Green Goblin is probably just as hard to get as if it was convention only. My Walgreens here never have the new ones out on the day they’re released. Still have yet to find Jedi Temple Rey. I’ll have better luck with boxlunch Duck Dodgers.

    1. I read on a post that green goblin will be available online at walgreens. No telling if this is true or not. I really want the Conan Stormtrooper pop, but theres no way for me to get my hands on one unless I pay hundreds on eBay =/

        1. Really? Do they say when it was going to be available because it’s not there now…

          1. I found it, the guy said Green Goblin will be available online Friday sometime.

            Guess i’ll check their site on Friday. lol

    2. He was released at 19:00 UK time on forbiddenplanet international, but the site crashed. I managed to get one though, you never know he might reappear on there so it’s worth keeping an eye out

  5. I did notice that it says “after 9pm pt tonight” on Funko’s site. So it could be anytime after that I guess. Guess I’ll be waiting through the night then.

  6. I doubt walgreens is gona have it tonight..Ive been refreshing gamestop and HT sites and no changes at all..not looking promising

  7. Damn! This is torture!!! I’m afraid to stop refreshing just to have Duck Dodgers sold out…

  8. Im trying to get gorilla grodd, underwater batman, dr. strange, green goblin…I have 4 windows open lol

  9. I been refreshing Amazon for Elliott Pop, that’s all I want without paying flipper prices

  10. Has anyone gotten on any links yet?? I’m getting squat, even searching separately from the links.

    1. nothing..clicked on the gamestop and brings me to a page that says “0 Results for “sdcc 2016 exclusive 28zu0”

      nothing on hot topics web site either

  11. not me..but I think once it hits 12:30 and nothing listed on the sites I’m gna head to bed and hope I can get them in the AM

  12. my addiction to funko pops is out of control, my fiancΓ©e and I will be getting up early to go to Barnes and Noble, GameStop and Hot Topic to get these beauties. I am also staying up to refresh these webpages to see if I can get Pops online.. I have a sickness lol

  13. I saw on Facebook, people made comments that Amazon exclusives went live earlier in the night and sold out in 50 minutes.

    1. actually just saw the post you were talking about and they said they probably sold out earlier… they were making an assumption.. don’t give up

  14. honestly I’m not. I have the day off work and I’m not going to wake up early w/no guarantee of getting them. I’ll just try my luck on line in the morning

  15. I get the feeling that a lot of people here don’t have jobs to go to in the morning (myself not included) lol

  16. How much stock will be at hottopic for mag the mighty and the underwater batman?

  17. Well i happened to stay up and its now 12:45, and not one of the sites has anything listed, that I can find. Unless I got the wrong time… another big let down.

  18. Yeah Hot Topic has theirs up. Just do a search on them. I did a search for BB-8 and found him and was about to order him. He is 15 dollars just a heads up.

  19. Hot Topic is live! Managed to get 4 out of 5 pops i wanted!
    Gorilla Grodd went out of stock withing 5 minutes!

  20. GameStop has theirs up but all the links are broken for me…does that mean they are sold out?

  21. Got all but Grodd..he wasn’t even showing on the new releases when I got to the site. Had to search him and ended up finding he’s sold out already. Duck Dodgers BoxLunch is sold out as well. Guess I’ll have to try my luck in the store!

  22. Well I ordered 3 of the POPs I wanted from GameStop and used my PayPal and PayPal sent me an email saying I got charged for it. I ended up doing it twice though. Hoping I can get one of the charges taken off.

    1. Thing is I haven’t gotten an email from GameStop for my order. Sigh, I’m beginning to think my order didn’t go through to them but my payment went through to PayPal.

      1. Going through paypal unfortunately doesn’t mean your account was charged. It’s just pending. I’ve had issues with HotTopic using paypal. I didn’t use it this time however.

        1. Sigh. this may mean I didn’t even get the POP’s I ordered. UGH! Doctor Strange already shows he is sold out grrr.

          1. Not even sure how you’re able to view whether they’re available or not. They’re not showing up when I click on their picture on the site.

  23. GameStop had a couple of POPs not on their list … The Han and Luke ceremony Pops … interesting

  24. Went to gamestop and put Burning Walker and Swap Thing in cart….went to paypal to confirm and when I got bumped back to GS it said sorry, one of your items was deleted and I looked and swamp thing was gone. So I resubmitted for Burning Walker and again after paypal when I got bumped back to GS it said error. However, there is a pending charge on paypal for it so???? I went back to gamestop and it lets me place Burning Walker in my cart so I’m guessing he’s not sold out but I’m wondering if my order actually went through? I’m kinda pissed because do I try it again or wait? Gamestops servers clearly aren’t handling this well at all. Menawhile I bumped into and ordered a PJ Jack Skellington in about 1 minute w/ zero issue.

  25. Well when I do a search on their site for SDCC they show up in the listing and you can click on add to cart. If you click the link to the item it won’t bring it up. So their site is acting really weird tonight. I was able to order me a Doomsday and that actually went through and gave me a order number unlike the other two orders I tried doing.

  26. Went back to and tried again only this time I paid w/ a CC and I instantly got a confirmation number and a order confirmation email which did not occur w/ the paypal order. I guessing paypal orders are not being processed correctly.

  27. Does anyone know if doctor strange was only online or will he be in stores?

  28. What about Lord Beerus Metallic exclu? I hope Funimation has him online. Luckily I don’t want that many this year. Last yr I got one of each. This year I just want Grodd, Malcolm Merlyn and all the Star Wars exclusives.

  29. Ugh. I stayed up till 12:30 clicking refresh and nothing. Then I wake up at 5 to find Amazon stocked in the middle of the night and sold out already.

    Then I try to order from Barnes and Noble, and keep getting errors when I checkout. I hope that doesn’t end up being a repeat of last year when I ended up with multiples of the same pops because my orders went through, even though they originally said they didn’t.

  30. I have been trying B&N for that last few hours. Time to give up I guess. I got what I wanted from GameStop, Amazon and Hot Topic. I guess I can not complain too much about getting stuck at work all night (well except it was a 15 hour shift with no air conditioning in Florida doing inventory!).

  31. trying to get B&N pops for 30 mins but the website wont finish the checkout on any of my devices. I think the website is crashing.

  32. I’m having the same issue with Barnes & Noble. Has anyone tried their customer service?

  33. Just contacted B&N Customer Service. I was told that they are working on fixing the problem and to wait an hour before trying to place the order again. Hopefully it works this time.

  34. Anybody know for sure that the G.Goblin is an online exclusive? I snuck out on my first break to Walgreens & asked an employee since there is still 3 full sets of the Star Wars collecting dust. The guy looked at me like I was speaking gibberish. I’m going back at lunch,fingers crossed. Truthfully I’m getting sick of the target & Walgreens exclusives. The only reason they get the majority of my business is because of the pops. I’m just hoping this isn’t gonna be another case of me missing out because I refuse to pay flipper prices.

  35. Hey everyone. I hope you all got what you wanted. So around 1:00 this morning I went back on line and low and behold HT and gamestop had their exclusives on line. I was able to get tBB-8, SS batman, white deadpool, dr. strange, cowboy deadpool, dr. strange and false god superman. grodd was already sold out tho. FYI I used paypal for both orders and rec’d order confirmations immediately.

  36. I’m really disappointed with the way Gamestop handled their exclusives. The one at the same mall as my Hot Topic got nothing but the X-Men Dorbz. The other one a few blocks away had a slightly better selection, but didn’t have the Dr. Strange Pop or the Stan Lee Dorb I wanted, and apparently no store within 100 miles has them, they couldn’t order it for me, and they’re not available online.

    At least I managed to get the Burning Walker, and everything I wanted from B&N and Hot Topic.

  37. Still having errors on B&N website. Went to B&N and they only allowed two SDCC pops per person. They sold of the Harry potter 3 pack at the store

  38. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ I missed out on Elliot πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  39. Just made the run to GS & got a flaming walker but no Stan Lee dorbz or X-men dorbz. But had doomsday , superman false God,& star war exclusives. In N.E Ohio if that helps anybody. Gonna hit HT after work & hope for the best. Good luck everyone.

  40. I was able to order almost everything I wanted last night, on hot topic I got Underwater Batman, and Malcolm Merlyn. Gamestop I got Superman (false god). Wouldn’t let me do the doomsday, but picked up rey, with x-wing helmet just use up some gift cards. B&N couldn’t order anything, the killer croc box was out of stock. Just waiting on Walgreens to try to get goblin now.

  41. So todays Haul:

    Barnes & Nobles: Newt Scamander, Violet Beauregarde, Purple Pieman & Berry Bird, Patriotic Snoopy.

    GameStop – Cowboy Deadpool, Burning Walker, Ceremony Luke, and Ceremony Han Solo.

    Hot Topic: Blake & White Thumps Up Deadpool, BB-8 Thumps up, Malcolm Merlyn

    My friend picked me up Invisible Elliot & Pete on Amazon last night.

    Not a bad day but I cannot buy anymore Pops for a month or more lol

  42. Went to B&N at noon and they had plenty of anything you’d want. I grabbed a Purple Pie Man for my wife and my buddy grabbed two of the Harry Potter 3 pack. There was no activity at all. Then walked over to Gamestop for a Burning Walker only to see a lady holding the last one. That store got 8 in and by noon all gone. There was 1 Walker left in the entire city and the girl at GS was able to get the other store to hold it for me. At 5:30 got to Hot Topic and they had gobs of most of them. The girl there said they still had 5 cases of Jack SKellington. I almost grabbed a white Deadpool but passed. Saw all the Star Wars ones but passed. I guess the ceremony Han is the ‘hot’ one. I almost got him as a consolation prize but when the girl found me a Walker at the other shop I put Han back. Also got word my 2 online orders shipped…just need that one failed one to drop it’s hold.

  43. Managed to grab the Elliott & Pete from Zing. So stoked to get it cause they only had the 1. Also got the Doctor Strange, Green Goblin on glider and a Violet!
    Thanks for letting us Aussie funkonatics in on the fun!

  44. has apparently crashed! Tried to get green goblin and got to the checkout, and then it says site is down will be back soon. Pisses me off! Lol

  45. Indiana Jones is up on the Disney Shop Parks app…just got mine! 25.00 including shipping.

  46. Green Goblin somehow already sold out (I have been checking diligently)..with more inventory expected 8/1/16 according to website ?

    1. I know! That was so annoying. I had it in my cart, and as I was putting in my info, it said it was sold out :(. Guess I’ll have to check on the 1st

      1. You got farther than I did..I swear only a minute or 2 had passed since I checked and then all of a sudden, it was online AND sold out.

        1. Go to they have it there. The only downside is the shipping cost, but still way better than paying a flipper.

  47. My first experience buying Pops at SDCC and I would say it was a good experience, last year I wouldn’t dare to try to buy at Funko. The system was broken, but this year, I camped out and got a chance to buy what I actually wanted. Thank you Funko for the lottery wrist band system!

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