New SDCC 2016 exclusives from Toy Tokyo

Toy Tokyo showed off some new SDCC 2016 exclusives on it’s YouTube channel.

First they showed a Dorbz gold Batmobile. Looks like the colorway mirrors their previous gold Batmobile POP Ride.


Then they showed off two villains from the classic Space Ghost cartoon.

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6 thoughts on “New SDCC 2016 exclusives from Toy Tokyo

  1. Agreed, I really want Brak and Zorak, they look so neat and well done! Same with Dug with the Cone of Shame! I hope they become available online or somewhere else!

  2. I can understand making variants SDCC exclusive, but what’s with all these SDCC exclusive characters? We had Violet Beauregarde, Malcolm Merlyn, and Indiana Jones in the regular SDCC waves (probably with a few others I don’t care about as much) and now Brak and Zorak in these Toy Tokyo SDCC exclusives. It’s really annoying me since those are all characters I really want.

  3. Again though, Funko seems to care less and less about what characters are common and which are exclusives. Bottom line is, they’re making money regardless. Hopefully they’ll make a lot of these first to market so everyone can get them later.

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