New Hot Topic Exclusives Coming Soon!

Hot Topic held a Periscope livestream last night and two upcoming exclusives were revealed! First up is a flocked Dug from the Disney/Pixar movie, Up! 


The second is a Clark Kent Pop!, something fans have been asking for for some time now! Now you can finally add Superman’s alter-ego to your Pop! collection!


Both of these exclusive Pops are expected to show up in stores next month. Will you be searching for them? Let us know in the comments!


13 thoughts on “New Hot Topic Exclusives Coming Soon!

  1. Clark Kent for sure! Called local Hot Topic trying to find actual release date. Associate I spoke with had no info. Definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!

  2. I’m more curious when we’re getting the Amethyst and Pearl GITDs. I mean it’s kinda odd that only Garnet and Steven have them out of the Steven Universe series.

  3. Definately gotta grab a Clark Kent. I wonder if they have a list out yet of which stores will have which pops from the San Diego Con. The ol Summer Convention Exclusives.

    1. I’m in Canada an in the hot topic store I was in they had a sign that said SDCC exclusives due out on July 21 and they are opening 30 minutes earlier for that reason only.

  4. I want the flocked dug since I probably won’t be able to get the cone of shame dug. Clark kent pop is pretty cool too.

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