More Funko SDCC Exclusives!

In an interesting turn of events, Funko have announced that they will be opening up a pop-up store in San Diego during SDCC this year. They also revealed some exclusive items that you’ll only be able to find at the pop-up store!

Funko’s first Wacky Wobbler was the Big Boy mascot and they are showing him some love by releasing this limited (480 pieces) Pop! 


Another older line is also getting a homage in Pop! form. These classic Funko Spastik Plastik characters are also exclusive and limited.


Amazing Carlos (Blue Suit) – 3000 pieces


Amazing Carlos (Black Suit) – 480 pieces


Otto (Purple Shirt) – 3000 pieces


Otto (Red Shirt) – 480 pieces


Otto (Orange Shirt) – 480 pieces


Continuing their Captain America 75th anniversary celebration, Funko will also be selling an 18 inch Mega Dorbz!


Rounding out the announcement were three Freddy Funko tees (all limited to 100 pieces each)

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To reiterate, these will only be available at a pop-up store in San Diego during SDCC. You can find the address and operating hours below or check out Funko’s blog for all the details.

Thursday-Sunday (July 21-24), 10:00am-3:00pm
448 West Market Street in the Marina District

Directly across from the Grand Hyatt Manchester

8 thoughts on “More Funko SDCC Exclusives!

    1. It’s good that they’re doing something for the longtime fans, but I was really hoping there would be some 90’s Nick in the surprises. Especially since we haven’t heard anything about them.

  1. Not gonna be there but it’s good that they do something for the people that attend

  2. They put a hair bear up today on funko shop looked to be an Sdcc but I couldn’t get one sold out to fast

  3. The more they post these limited SDCC releases that most of us will never see, the less interested I become in any of them. Does that seem weird!? lol

  4. This is awesome! Except I (and many other loyal POP! collectors) live on the east coast, and there’s literally 0 ways for me (and many others) to afford to make it to San Diego ever, let alone during comic-con. I’m a bit bummed out that these are literally only available to those on that side of the country, or the people who can afford to travel there. Where’s the East Coast love? How am I supposed to ever get any awesome POP’s like these without paying hundreds of dollars to do so?! Help me out Funko! I’m new to the game but already dedicated to the hobby, I wanna add some nice pieces to my collection but you keep making the good ones only available on the west coast.

    I’ll be in line at the stores on the 21’st at open to attempt to get the ones that may actually be available to me, no doubt about it. But that Big Boy though! Gah. I guess I’ll have to settle for a mediocre collection. haha

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