Jabba’s Palace Smuggler’s Bounty Spoilers!

As you probably know, the Jabba’s Palace themed Smuggler’s Bounty boxes started shipping yesterday! Funko just posted an unboxing video on their YouTube channel for those that didn’t want to wait for their boxes to be delivered to find out it’s contents. If you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t scroll any further!


There’s just the one Pop! this month and it is the “Jabba’s Skiff” R2-D2.


The next item is a Jabba the Hut Pop! Mug!


A plush Boba Fett can also be found in this month’s box! The tag just states ‘Star Wars Plush’ so it’s unsure at this time whether it’s a Mopeez or a new line altogether.


No tee this month, replacing it is a C-3PO cap.


The patch and pin for this box are Boushh and a Gamorrean Guard, respectively.


That’s everything in this Smuggler’s Bounty! You can now sign up for the September’s box with the ‘Death Star’ theme.

49 thoughts on “Jabba’s Palace Smuggler’s Bounty Spoilers!

    1. Wow, same here! I especially would have been upset at the elimination of the tee since I don’t wear hats.

  1. Agreed! R2 will be a nice addition to my bar but other than that pure rubbish. The t-shirts are always throw aways for me because I never will wear them but I am not sure the hat is me either. I still wish there was an option without a wearable. I have so many Collector Corp and Smuggler Bounty shirts that even my teenage staff at work do not want anymore.

  2. Disappointed also, only good thing about this box is R2-D2. Guess the mug will be a Christmas gift. The hat will also be given away. In other words, a bust!

  3. Funko video says the Boba is part of the new Pop! Plush line. The hat is part of a new Pop! Tops line.

  4. Very dissapointed! Two months wait for that…. R2-D2 best part of it but all the things they could do with Jabbas Palace and don’t even have courage to make new vinyl. Really debating on cancelling the subscription.

  5. I happen to like this box, I cancelled my subscription but ordered this box after I saw this spoiler. I love R2-D2 so pop will make nice addition to collection, I will wear the hat cause C-3PO is my fav. Or my kids will wear it. Jab a is just kool and so is that mug. Patches I care less about…. As for the shirts, I will wear every shirt I get cause that means I don’t have to buy shirts… I now have enough shirts from all these boxes I don’t have to buy a t shirt for at least 2-3 more years

  6. Wow that is a dissapointing box. There seemed to be like five or so better models to use

  7. My first collectors box.
    Like the R2-D2, I am down with the Fett, so that is ok.
    WTF a Jabba coffee mug?! Wish I had a garden nome to give that fat slug to! Maybe one of my kids will wear the hat?
    Gunna take alot of green drinks from R2 to get me to continue my subscription all the way to the Death Star!

    1. I got that pop over the weekend. It’s nice I wish the lost hand was part of the pop

      1. I think they got it right not including the hand cause in the movie Luke’s hand went down the shaft with the light saber. Never seen again.

  8. ^^LOL about Luke’s hand. R2 does look ok, but overall not a great box. I realize for $25 you aren’t going to get great stuff all the time. For me, the only decent boxes are the ones with 2 Pops. Couldn’t care less about the other stuff in them. It’s no wonder their quality is going in the crapper, they’re branching out too much. I understand they’re trying to make as much money as possible before people lose interest, but seriously they need to step it up.

  9. What a disappointment, how can you have a Jabba’s palace box and not make Han Solo in Carbonite the exclusive pop! 130 pops in the star wars line and still that has not been made absolutely baffling.

  10. I cancelled all 3 boxes, screw this cash grab, no creativity ass having company. I drop 35 bucks on a Funklub member box and it shows up with no button or membership card? Now every box comes with a soup bowl? How much coffee and soup do they think we eat? Remember when.it seemed like they cared about what we thought? What’s he point of holding a poll on Twitter to see clearly that we all wanted a carbonate Han, the they shit on us with this hot Chinatown dumpster trash….

    1. Exactly, they held a poll on this site aswell. I was really looking forward to a carbonite Han and a possible action pose Luke/ Lando in disguise… They’ve still got my business for now, but another box like this, and I’ll have been burned too bad

  11. This box is shocking, so glad now that I actually forgot to order this box.. Han in carbonite was clearly, clearly, CLEARLY the obvious choice for the Pop! to release in this box, who on earth was this person at Funko who decided not to produce that for the CANTINA box??

    R2 is cool and i’ll get that on ebay, but even if they had a 1 in 5 chance of getting a carbonite Han as a chase then it probably would have saved this box a little bit.

    Can’t believe how pissed I was at seeing a giant ugly mug last time instead of a second Pop!.. I would have been angry opening this box to find a second, so i’m staying well away from these boxes now and picking up any cool Pops! from ebay afterwards. Problem solved!

    Luke’s missing hand?? lmao.. the thought of pleasuring myself with Luke’s missing hand seems more fun than this box!

  12. Very disappointed with this box! The pop is ok but they could’ve made so many other characters! Lando in the guards disguise would’ve been better. The mug is useless & the hat is ugly. This is the “guardians” box in this series. I hope they redeem themselves next box. It’s boxes like this that made me not buy the marvel collector corps year one box. Too much uncertainty for that price tag!

  13. I am so glad, that I cancelled my subscription. These boxes are getting to be just as bad as all the other boxes, of being filled with useless junk no one wants. I will pick up the R2-D2 on eBay when it drops to $10 bucks.

  14. First box I didnt get and I feel like I won the lottery. What a sh@t box…..and R2D2? funko are you guys/gals smokin to much legal weed nowadays? Did they put a card in this one as well?(think civil war box) that said, “well, we were going to give you some cool sh#t, but then we decided to give u this guy that u have 15 variations of already” ……like Afroman said “cause i got highhh”

  15. These comments are right on. Maybe I can take that patch to my mom and let her iron it on a T-shirt for my daughter. She is going to b n kindergarten this year.

  16. Im glad the last box was great but this whole SW subscription is plain horrible. How can you not put the Han Solo Carbonite pop in this box? HOW!?! What a complete waste of a subscription.

  17. I personally enjoyed this box though for everyone wondering why there wasn’t Han Solo in carbonite allow me to explain. Funko has a license with Star Wars that says it has to be a bobble head now how the hell are they supposed to make a bobble head from a Han Solo in carbonite

    1. Ok, logical point. Then put Landing in disguise in there. Technically, R2 version is from sail barge, not palace.

  18. the only subscription box that has been worthwhile has been the DC TV box. the other two have been quite horrendous.

  19. I mean it’s an okay box. Definitely the worst one we’ve had. I’d compare this to the disappointment that was the GOTG box. Which should mean that the Death Star box will be great, like how Deadpool was.

  20. The weird part is this is supposed to be a ‘Jabbas Palace’ box, that version of R2 isn’t even in Jabbas Palace, it’s on Jabbas sail barge, this should be a ‘Jabbas Sail Barge’ box lol.

    Referencing to the comment above about the licence for bobble heads, they could have very easily made Han in carbonite a bobble head. Just like how all the R2 Pops! entire bodies bobble on the legs, they could have done the same thing by making a unique rectangle base to match the look of the carbonite block and have the entire block actually bobble on top of the base.

    1. I feel like if they did make a Carbonite Han Solo, he’d probably be all silver or bronze like that new False God Superman pop (which would’ve looked better if it was in an action pose but it’s not). They’d probably do the same for Han but just probably add a mouth to him.

  21. Probably take a lot of heat but I didn’t want a Han in carbonite I wanted lando but this R2 is kick ass. I love the Pop Home Mugs too I have 4 so far and I use them for display only so glad I will be getting this one great box this month!

  22. I also would have loved Lando as Tamtel Skreej over a Han in carbonite but I’m not too dissapointed in this, my first SB box. I dig the R2 variant and will likely now finally pick up the Ree-Yees I keep passing over at my local Walgreens to sit next to him on a shelf.

    The Boba will be instantly claimed by my 20 month old grandson so that’s a total win in my books. My youngest daughter wears tons of caps so the 3PO is right in her wheelhouse. The mug is cute/ugly enough for me to constantly pull it out for use.

  23. lame. a cap instead of a t-shirt could be promising in the future however. done right of course

  24. I really enjoy this box and don’t understand the hate. I’d rather be surprised then get the same things every time or expect to get the pop that got the most votes on a poll. There’s no fun in that. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I’ve never been disappointed by the box. I wear the shirts, use the mugs (not even for coffee/tea), enjoy the plush and hat. Yes I don’t wear hate but it’s a quality hat. They can’t make everyone happy but I think everyone’s expectations are way too high nowadays.

    1. Agreed. This was fine. R2 is cute, the mug will go on a shelf with the C3-PO one, and I have too many t-shirts as it is, so the hat is welcome. Pretty much every subscription box gets a chorus of bad overreactions when they don’t contain exactly what people projected them to be.

  25. Your poll for the pop character we would like to see is misleading none of those were in the box! other would have been the R2-D2 drink stand pop thingy but that wasn’t even the most voted for!

  26. Wow this is 2 boxes in a row (got the last marvel one too) that SUCK! WTH is goin on with these crappy boxes?!?! And the hat?? I’m about ready to cancel my sub! These subs better step up their game because if not I’m discontinuing my subs.

  27. I can’t find the r2 through pop price guide so I can add it to my collection does anyone know what to search to find the r2?

  28. Sooooo….was the point of the poll to make us think we were going to get one of those pops? Or was it to trick more people into buying it? I’m confused….I don’t see any R2-D2 up there on that poll……Oh by the way the the ridiculous mug squished my pop. Good job guys!

    1. mlord1456 – you do realize this site is not run by Funko and we have absolutely no clue what goes into the boxes until everyone else in the public. The poll was made for the users to take a guess, just like everyone else.

  29. I personlly like this box but its not the best. I can see why alot of people dislike it.

  30. Oh how I wanted a Rancor Keeper Pop to go with the Rancor 3-pack… or any member of the Max Rebo band… or any of the numerous alien races within the palace. But no! Let’s go with R2-D2 with drinks on his head!

    I’ve been relatively happy with this subscription so far, but now I’m considering cancelling. The Death Star box better be phenomenal.

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