Disney Parks Exclusive Indiana Jones Pop! Coming Soon

WDWNT.com just shed some light on an upcoming Indian Jones Pop! Vinyl that will be exclusively available at select Disney Parks! This ‘Temple of Doom’ Indy should be available from the following Parks on July 22nd:


Disneyland Resort

  • Disneyland park – Adventureland Bazaar
  • Downtown Disney District – D-Street

Walt Disney World Resort

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
  • Disney Springs Marketplace – Disney’s Pin Traders

Apparently, you may also be able to order the figure using the Shop Disney Parks mobile app.

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22 thoughts on “Disney Parks Exclusive Indiana Jones Pop! Coming Soon

  1. This is why i will stop collecting. Two indiana jones pops and both them will be hard to get here in Australia without paying flipper prices.

    1. There’s a whole Indiana Jones line of Pops coming out that will be available everywhere. It was rumored that there would be a series of exclusives of Indy with the ‘treasures’ from the four movies as exclusives. There’s more than likely going to be two more. One with him holding the Holy Grail and one with the Crystal Skull as exclusives.

        1. When they first showed the Comic con Indy pop they said something like ” First in a new line of Pops”. I don’t remember where I saw it first.

          1. its been stated somewhere that the rights restrict them from being at any store. its likely going to stay a disney stores exclusive

  2. Curious for people complaining about the Indy pops being exclusive and/or near-impossible to obtain for those outside the US.

    Would you rather the pops not be made at all? It’s obvious Funko has some restrictions in place for where the pops are allowed to be sold based on licensing agreements. Does anyone really think Funko is intentionally limiting these to SDCC and Disney parks? The amount of money left on the table by not having a wide release has to be huge.

    1. I dont mind them being exclusive, just prefer it if they provided international shipping

    2. the amount of money theyll make almost forcing people to flock to disney parks is greater

      1. For Disney, sure — but Funko won’t see a dime of that. My point was that anger directed at Funko is being directed to the wrong place in this instance.

        Seems Funko had 2 options:
        1. Create some Indiana Jones pops but have them limited in where they were available for sale (SDCC, Disney Parks/Properties, etc.)
        2. Don’t create Indiana Jones pops.

        Based on the outcry (not just here but all over various Funko/Pop groups/communities) it seems Funko would have been better going with option 2 in some peoples mind.

  3. going to Orlando today Wednesday with the fam for vacation, and i will be there when they get and buy a few hopefully message me next week and i can let you all know if i get a few, if interested if not no worries, have a great day you all. very excited now, good things do happy even when you don’t expect it

    1. I am definitely interested in getting one of these. Let me know how much they are please!

  4. Hmmm. Will they be a limited run, do you think? I’m going to Disney World this year, but not until September. I wonder if they’ll still be available by then.

  5. yup ordered mine off the disney shop parks mobile app this morning! came to $24 with shipping

    1. Did you get an email back saying that they sold out and they will give you a $10 credit to use on the Shop Disney Parks app? I ordered mine through the app yesterday at 3:52am eastern time. It seemed like all went well when I got the confirmation saying that they received my order until I got this email stating this….


      Thank you for your recent Shop Disney Parks order. We are so sorry to inform you the Indiana Jones POP! Vinyl Figure by Funko is currently sold out. Your credit card will not be charged for the quantity of Indiana Jones POP! Vinyl Figure items ordered.

      We anticipate this item being back in stock in September. We will send you an additional email when this item is available in the Shop Disney Parks app.

      Please accept this offer of a $10.00* credit the next time you place an order of $10 or more (excluding tax) on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. Please complete the order on the app (which will result in a charge to your credit card for the full order price) and then email us at Merchandise.Guest.Services@DisneyParks.com or call us at (877)560-6477 with your new order number. We will then issue a $10.00 credit back to the card you used to place the order. This is a one-time offer, which expires September 30, 2016.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Thank you for shopping with Disney.

      *Limit one $10.00 credit per Guest. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer is nontransferable. Expires September 30, 2016.

      Merchandise Guest Services
      1-877-560-6477 (E.S.T.)

  6. Disney should be ashamed they ut a limit of ten on this item. They just feed into the scalpers. very disappointed with Disney.

  7. So today I went to Disneyland and cast members said this pop was sold out but that they would get more , they just didn’t have an exact date when they were getting a shipment . So there’s still hope of buying one of these ?

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