Database Connectivity Issues

Hey everyone. Due to the increased traffic during SDCC (hello, new folks!), our servers have been a bit overloaded at times. Some have even received the dreaded “Error Establishing Database Connection” message (I know how frustrating that was back when it seemed like an epidemic). For anyone experiencing issues, I just ask that you be patient and keep trying. In the meantime, I will work with our host to see if we can add some additional temporary services.

11 thoughts on “Database Connectivity Issues

  1. needs to get their site straight! Haven’t been able to order for a hour and a half.

  2. PPG is a great site! For all new collectors/hunters be patient and you will be loving it!

  3. PPG is not only fun and easy but its free. So new comers please respect the site and the people that run it.

  4. Anyone know why Zur Bats dropped $25 to $135 when he’s still selling for over $215 on eBay consistently?

  5. Ppg is an amazing resource for pop collectors. Maybe it’s time to have a forum section introduced, so that collectors can talk and discuss, in addition to funko that can be added to our collection, the funko pieces that are rarer. Such as protos, errors, etc.
    I’ll be here til the end, and I’d love to see our community grow!

  6. Hey guys I just joined this group. Trying to see a price guide but it keeps saying issues with the data base. And also having trouble trying to find out how I can create my want list

    1. Once you create an account every item has options on the right side like Add To Collection/ Add to Want List

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