Collector Showcase with Jared Hempel & Kimberly McClain

We are Jared Hempel and Kimberly McClain and we have been collecting POP Vinyls from the moment we got together as a couple. Jareds interest lies in Video Games, Animation, Comics and Wrestling while I gravitate more towards Music, Movies and Television. It’s extremely hard and taxing to obtain a collection such as ours. Come to think of it, I don’t think we have ever walked into a store and just picked up a POP off a shelf. We live in the Nevada desert which is a good 4 hours away from the nearest shopping center and that only consist of a Wal-Mart and a Walgreens and usually by the time we make it there, most POPs are either gone, damaged or completely sold out and we just wasted 8 hours, our only day off together and a full tank of gas to get there and back. So instead we choose to order monthly boxes, scour ebay for last minute auction wins or browse endless web-sites in order to acquire our collection. Jared is obsessed with all things Power Rangers, Supernatural, Green Lantern, Movies, DragonBall Z, and Batman. I myself am currently swooning over anything Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Bruce Campbell, Tim Burton and KISS. His goal is to eventually obtain a Planet Arlia Vegeta, Red Skull and Dr. Doom. While my wish list consist of Ace Ventura, She-Ra, Cruella DeVille and a full set of The Wizard of Oz POPs. Jared’s current favorite POP is his misspelled DragonBall Z Nimbus and mine is my Reaper Crew Jax Teller.


1.How long have you been collecting Funko products?

Just a little over two years now. We live in the middle of nowhere, so our only option for POP collecting is to scour the web sites and ebay for deals or order monthly boxes and hope for a POP to show up.

2.What was your first Funko item?

Sam and Dean Pop Vinyls from Supernatural.

3.How many Funko collectibles do you own?

306 items to date. 284 of them are POP vinyls, the other 19 are mystery minis.

4.Do you have a favorite line or a line you would like to see?

My favorite line out there has to be POP television. I admit to being that much of a TV junkie, so having little pieces from my favorite TV shows is never a bad thing.

A line I would like to see would have to be POP Nintendo, that would be cool. It would be an epic line which could consist of everything from 6 and 9 inch POPs as well as rides and variants.

With the new Street Fighter POPs coming out soon, it only makes sense to make a Mortal Kombat line. A glow in the dark Raiden would be awesome along with a glittery metallic Sub-Zero. I’m still waiting for my Fraggle Rock/Pee-Wee’s Playhouse line.

5.What are your favorite Top 5 “must own” items in your collection?

The Power Rangers were definitely a “Must Own”. The Jabba The Hut 3 pack was another that had to be part of the collection. And I searched long and hard to own at least one 9 inch POP.

6.What is your best deal/favorite find story?

I got a 9 in” Daryl Dixon for $25.00 in perfect condition on ebay. Along with the first Power Rangers set for  $250.00 which has only gone up in price since our purchase. Those were some great deals!

7.What line are you most excited about that is yet to be released?

Labyrinth and the remainder of the Power Rangers.

8.Do you complete sets with every variant or are you happy to just own certain Pops in a Line?

It really depends on the set itself and the detail of the variants. I am not into making a variant if it does not make sense. Things that are fuzzy or furry should be Flocked, things that look like Metal should be Metallic.

9.Favorite Social Networking group for News,Buying,Trading or Selling?

Honestly I get all my Funko news from

10.Do you collect any other types of collectibles?

Comics, Action figures, Music and Movie memorabilia.

11.If you could design a Line OR add Variants to an existing Line what would you create?

More POP Rocks, there are so many artists and bands that need to become a POP Vinyl. (Beastie Boys, 1980’s Metallica, Prince, David Bowie, Korn, Slipknot )

POP Nintendo, just think of the possibilities. For example Rides could be Mario Kart characters. Or Mario on Yoshi. Endless Variants of Mario and Luigi. Not to mention Pop Pokemon. That is endless on its own.

12.You win a contest for one single random Pop. What is the one Pop you would dread to see when you opened the box and why?

POP DOMOS!. I can’t stand those for some reason. Or any of the Yo Gabba Gabba POP’s.

13.Any advice for new collectors OR Something you wish you knew when you started collecting? Words of wisdom?

Don’t go for the expensive one’s right away,because the cheaper one’s in time will increase in value. Buy what is important to you and search everywhere for deals.




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What made you a Funko fan? Are you a Collector of Mystery Mini’s,Dorbz or are you strictly into Pops or Wacky Wobblers? We’d love to hear from you,share your story and give you a chance to show off your collection! If you would like to be featured in the Collector Showcase send us a message at OR you can contact us on Facebook at POP Price Guide and make sure to mention the “Collector Showcase”. Show us your Pop pics and Fun with Funko on our Instagram @poppriceguide anytime! We’re looking forward to sharing your unique Funko story.

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