ACGHK 2016 debuts some new Pops

It’s the 18th installment of the Animation-Comic-Hong Kong and some new POPs have been sighted.

There seems to be a red variant of Chun-Li at the Con. It’s been reported that Mindstyle is only allowing purchases of this POP if buyers purchase 5 regular Street Fighter POPs.


There’s another female POP that was first thought to be a Harley Quinn variant. Closer inspection reveals it has something to with a cosplay character or a cosplay celebrity named Momo.


There’s also a variant of Po chowing down on some dimsum! Very appropriate for Hong Kong!


Finally, the latest Stan Lee variant is a red re-paint of the recent Stan Lee/Guan Yu mash-up.


6 thoughts on “ACGHK 2016 debuts some new Pops

  1. Chun Li’s outfit is pink, not red. It’s one of her outfit’s alternate colors in the game. Also, I really want it, hopefully PC is able to get ahold of some.

  2. They sure do love to pump out the same Stan Lee mold, with a slightly different paint scheme, huh? I guess this will be the mold used for the rest of this year though? Kinda like the previous mold with Stan ripping his shirt open.

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