Zur-En-Arrh Batman Target Exclusive

Thanks to Instagram user, @dynoisthename, we now know of an upcoming exclusive – Zur-En-Arrh Batman! That’s right, Tlano himself will be available soon! It seems that the Target he visited put the Pop! out on display too early and couldn’t sell it as the release date was listed as June 6th.  Will you be keeping an eye out for this Batman variant next week? Let us know in the comments!


73 thoughts on “Zur-En-Arrh Batman Target Exclusive

  1. Definitely gonna try and snag this! Hopefully all targets gets them at the same time … If not I’ll just keep calling and harrasing them until they tell me they have one for me lol

    1. Woke up at 6 am to go get it. Trust me not all Targets got them in. They didn’t get this or the exclusive Joker at mine.

      1. A POP group I lead in Virginia has been scouring the state and answers vary between, it’s not coming till the 26th (BS) to it’s in the nebulous void of “the truck”, “the stock room”, or “the floor”. Worst part is that some Target’s are acting like we have no idea what we’re talking about when we know the DCPI, etc.

        1. I am in texas I got one yesterday and went on the hunt again today when I gave the lady the dcip she entered it and then deleted the last two n7mners and told me it’s not there…then I asked if it could be in the back and she went and got a lady who said yeah we haven’t gotten the batman I collect them too and I haven’t seen any yet…but I watched the lady deleted the two numbers and then hit enter to try and make it seem like I didn’t know what was going on

        2. They have gotten them in some of the targets out here, I’m in Northern VA. The problem is the DCPI is for the full set of the Suicide Squad Pops. So they may get the set in but they don’t always get the Batman in with them. Or if they do they only get one.

  2. yup, i’ll hunt him down. Even if i have to go all the way to that one Target on Zur En Arrh!

  3. Thank god they finally made a Batman pop. I was wondering when they would get around to it

    1. Hahahah love what GeekedVault said; I thought the same thing. Not complaining, because some people can’t get enough Batman, but he has to have more variants than any other Pop, by far!

  4. Ya know, i do have to wonder…why so many variations of Batman and not one single Red Hood Pop?!

    1. Because Funko now is in a much bigger facility and gotta keep those warehouses stocked while the designers put finishing touches on new designs. Much easier to make new paint variant then too design all new pops.

    2. I feel like they made way too many molds of Batman and now are stuck with the same blank canvas that they have had to come up with new variations of to get rid of them.
      I’m honestly a big Batman Exclusive collector, but I totally get how many people would find these beyond excessive.
      I can say it’s really taking its toll on my wallet. I just hope I somehow luck out and score this at Target, but I’m convinced an employee there is scalping them and buys them out, before they ever see the floor.

  5. Does anyone other than me find it funny there has been no mention of this from Funko with their weekly or more periscopes? I mean they have shown every other exclusive out there?

  6. This is Batman is a must get but, Funko needs to make a new Martian Manhunter pop.

    1. Totally agree with you on that one! I really expected a Supergirl TV series and figured that one would be a no brainer!

  7. My local store in Chattanooga tn we have 3 targets within 30 miles didn’t have any at all not even one I’m so pissed at my target employees right now

  8. Targets batman / joker exclusives are out! Got mine as soon as they opened

    1. @ muku, Salt Lake City Utah, i think each store is only getting 4 of each exclusive because I got there and they were still in the shipping box and the employee let me and another guy pick the ones we wanted and there were only 4 exclusives.

  9. Went to like 4 different targets and was able to snag one! But not all targets have them yet in stock! Upset I couldn’t get a Joker Exclusive 🙁

  10. i went to 3 targets this morning starting at 8 am EST i live in Florida bout half hour from Orlando. the first 2 looked it up and checked in the back and said they didnt get any i talked to store managers in all 3 stores and got 3 different answers as to when they would have them one told me they weren’t sure cause they come assorted but said i could come check or call tomorrow cause tuesday is when they stock toys and entertainment, the second one was just useless but the third target i went to told me they actually had them in the back room along with the exclusive suicide squad joker but they could not put them out until 8 am tomorrow which is tuesday i told them they were suppose to be released today even should them the pictures and post but just kept telling me that whatever paperwork they have says they cant put them on the shelf till tomorrow and i wasnt the only one that came looking for them so i guess ill be getting up at crack of dawn yet again tommrrow to hopefully get them but at least i got my GS Harley Quinn today!!

    1. That sucks they gave you a hard time but at least they gave you some info & you got the GS Harley Quinn which was a tough one to hunt down

    2. I was told by this very helpful Target employee that they will be getting a 2nd shipment (at my local store anyway) on June 10th. Hope this might possibly help you and anyone else that reads this.

  11. I not only got both Target releases, I buddied up with a Target employee and he’s going to keep the others of those in the back for me.
    Not so I can scalp them, but to offer them to anyone that might have missed out today. So I can get the 7 remaing Batman, or 5 remaing Joker; if anyone needs them.
    I have to hold off on buying any until Friday, but I’m here to help if anyone needs it!

    1. That’d be appreciated! The batMan I managed to get has box damage that I didn’t notice until I got home. Do you plan on posting on eBay or?

    2. Man if you can snag me a batman hit my up! We cma work something out. I went to give targets and got nothing

    3. @SMSimon I’ll take a Joker and a Batman if you get have an extra. Willing to pay you for shipping. I’m a huge Batman fan and my daughter is loving the Suicide Squad. Thank you in advance.

    4. I would greatly appreciate it if you could get one of those for me sir! I don’t resale on ebay I’m just a huge Batman collector!

    5. So I was blown off by this Target employee today… I’ve stayed in contact with the helpful one, that said he’d make the Batman didn’t hit the shelf, and even told me last night they were all still there.
      Today this jerk employee wouldn’t look in back for me and lied by saying “They all sold out the day they came out”.
      I know that not to be true but can’t force him to take time out of his boring afternoon to actually look.
      I’m going back later, when the helpful one will be there and hopefully he’ll be able to find them.

  12. @SMSimon, I searched high and low by Queens, NY and not a pop in sight. It’s so frustrating lol…but if you would happen to have extras of both exclusives still, please count me in 🙂

  13. I’m going to be going back this Friday and buying whatever lot of the Batman they have left.
    I don’t sell on eBay, as I really can’t stand to see how inflated the price of an $8.99 product already has reached, but I’ll follow up here with a count of as many I can come up with.
    I’ll be sure to let you guys & gals know what I come up with. The employee that helped me pretty much said that they wouldn’t stock them on the floor because their Funko section is stocked to the brim with older Funkos.
    That’s kinda sad too because he said they have tons of new Suicide Squad in the back.
    The guy collects video game related Funkos and was beyond helpful. He pretty much hinted too that he’d make sure those Batmans wouldn’t see the light of day (as in the store’s floor) until I followed up with him this Friday.

    1. Oops I didn’t reply to you properly. As I said, if there is a spot open, I would like to have one. If not, I still appreciate your gesture to help us out that are pretty much SOL.

    2. SMSimon, if you were able to score a Batman or 2 I would pay retail, shipping and even a finder fee if you needed. My friend and I have scoured the 9 Targets in town and we’ve come up with nothing. he is also looking for the exclusive joker from Target. Thanks for even being nice enough to try and help us all out man!

  14. Finally came in at my target and I get there too late. Someone bought them all

  15. They had them in the MI area this AM. I was able to snag both a batman and a joker boxer.

  16. I’ve tried unsuccessfully for two days in a row to get the Batman and Joker Pop here in NC on the coast! Target employees are not very helpful in this area. If anyone would be willing to sell me one at a decent price I would greatly appreciate it. The prices on ebay are outrageous but that’s ebay for you lol. I don’t resale I just collect and I’m a huge Batman fan!

  17. I went today, was the first person in line. Got a chance to buy both, but I felt bad for the fourth guy in line. So instead of getting Batman and Joker, I only took Joker and let him have Batman. I kind of regret it, but whatever, I hope it gives me back good karma.

  18. It sucks, I’m stationed overseas so I can’t even go hunting for this or the Joker. I asked my family to look around, my bro went to 2 different Targets in Sacramento with no luck at all, they couldn’t even help him. My sister went to 2 Targets in Vegas and they told her the Targets there don’t even carry POPs…sucks that I might have to find these and over pay for them.

  19. @SMSimon I would like one please! And even if I can’t get one, just doing this gesture really is appreciated by all of us here!

  20. This has been brutal to say the least, I literally have 11 Targets in my area and have had 0 luck although most employees have been more than helpful. Day 1: Drove to 5 stores, called the other 6. Day 2: Called all 11 with the DPCI and no one had Bats just the common Suicide Squads. Just an avid collector trying to get his fix..no flipping/gouging here… SMsimon I appreciate what your trying to do for the community but having an employee keep ALL of these off the sales floor could contribute to a lot of us legit collectors not being able to find them. I understand these could be isolated incidents and can vary store to store but maybe not have them keep ALL of the extremely limited exclusives in the back… let them sell 2 or 3 of them and if they have 7 total you can scoop the other 4, still more than some will see in the wild ever… Your POP! heart is in the right place but gougers/flippers aren’t the only ones impacted.

  21. My current hunt is on for this item in the Chicago area. Another person was looking for it at my first target that I went to and there was no luck. Hopefully I can find these two out here.

    1. I’m in the Chicago Area as well and have went to 5 Targets on the south side and found nothing.

    1. Yep actually went to 5 targets in NC saw 2 of them open the shipping boxes and no exclusives just 12 common suicide squad pops…the other 3 only received 12 and they still had all 12 when I got there….same thing …all commons…seems they skipped NC
      Very frustrated

      1. I agree as I live in NC and I can’t find neither. I really just want the batmam, if anyone is able to snag extra I’ll but it retail shipping and Finder fee.

        1. NC here, same story, all commons and all employees said they hadn’t seen any exclusives

  22. So they are that exclusive where there are only probably 1 or two per package they get? Thought I saw at least the joker exclusive but it was a different one they had. At least I got a few suicide squad ones lol.

    1. Would you be selling any ?
      im a huge batman fan and Im new to funko i really want a batman, ive been running to every target i can but cant find any sadly.

  23. I’m new to the Pop! game too, but seems as if Target makes things extremely hard for customers. None of the staff are very knowledgeable about the exclusives. I love dealin with GameStop. “Oh, you want to preorder an exclusive? No problem.” BOOM! Guaranteed Pop! That’s how I scored Inmate Harley.

    1. I’ve been checking daily for inventory updates, none of the stores near me in NC even got the exclusives. Each one got 12 commons. You think they just haven’t gotten all shipments out to all states yet?

      1. Hope so! I talked to a Target employee today and they said something about a rumored June 22nd Street date but it’s unconfirmed…

  24. A Target in my area had two of the batman pops out the day before release. I went to buy them and they couldn’t ring it up because it was before the street date. Haven’t seen them since and I’ve checked several Targets in the San Jose area. Wanted it for my brother since he collects Batman stuff. Now they’re selling for $100+ on eBay. Oy….

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