Toy Wars Exclusive Zuckuss Pop!

Another Star Wars Pop! is coming in the form of the Toy Wars exclusive Zuckuss! You can pre-order it now with an expected release date of September. You may remember him from Empire Strikes Back as one of the bounty hunters that assembled on the Star Destroyer to search for the Millennium Falcon. It seems Funko are trying to include as many characters as they can in their Star Wars line for those die-hard collectors out there! Will you be adding this to your collection? Let us know in the comments!


23 thoughts on “Toy Wars Exclusive Zuckuss Pop!

  1. I jut started collecting Pops this year and I have a question, for exclusives like this one and 4-LOM
    do they also make regular versions that can be had at a cheaper price, easier availability in stores?

    Id love to have the ESB bounty hunters, but I cant make it to Europe for 4-LOM, and being on a tight budget the extra $5 for this one is half another pop. Not complaining, just wondering how this works.

    These, being two somewhat iconic figs seems odd to have as exclusives.

  2. This is getting ridiculous how many sets are being split up across Cons and store exclusives (not to mention that Toy Wars is a major rip off – they already have SDCC LE figures listed at $100/figure). A good portion of the 4-LOMs will show up on ebay at flipper prices making it difficult and expensive to get the set. I guess as long as Funko makes a buck they don’t really care. I also think there could have been a lot more detail on this figure.

  3. Yeah Im kinda getting concerned this might not be the hobby for me splitting up like this.
    (I also thought this pop was kinda weak looking, for the higher price and being an exclusive)

    1. Sorry, didn’t mean to discourage you lol. It’s definitely a fun hobby, and you can find enough of the Pops in stores. It’s just difficult when they’re both exclusives (I already have Boba Fett, IG-88, Greedo, Bossk) to get them, especially here in Canada. It would be about $40+ for me to get Zuckuss from toy Wars. It just seems like there are far too many exclusives now. Keep collecting though as you’ll find it’s fun 😀

  4. I also started collecting Star Wars pops earlier this year. It’s a fun hobby and my 5yr old daughter loves opening the Smugglers Bounty box with me.

    I will say the comic con exclusives and with this new exclusive to Toy Wars bums me out though. very difficult to keep up without burning through the budget. Exclusives on a whole tend to drive me crazy. I was lucky enough to find one Target FN-2187 and then never saw him again. I did pre-order the Poe Dameron FYE exclusive so we shall see how that goes.

    How many pops do you guys have?? I just hit 50 this week.

  5. I have over 346 pops and 88 of those are Star Wars, i bought all the common ones first and slowly started getting the exclusives on Amazon and eBay. I love Star Wars so I don’t mind paying up to $30 for pops I have a hard time going over that though I started collecting this past December my brother bought me unmasked darth vader and yoda since the. I haven’t been able to stop collecting, I now have started collecting outside of Star Wars and it is hard to stop buying them.

  6. I have 25 SW pops, and about 30 non SW. Started with SW and branched out =)
    Just wish the exclusives would slow down. I think there 6 released at Walgreens this month
    or in May, no luck at seeing them either. Ree Yees was one I really wanted

  7. Iv’e been collecting Star Wars EXCLUSIVES ONLY since Jan 2015, and now iv’e got 52 of them, iv’e been loving watching my collection grow from the tiny collection it started out as.

    That Zuckuss Pop btw does look very plain, there’s just no depth to it whatsoever and it looks like bare plastic that hasn’t even been painted yet. I do occasionally see a Pop that I just don’t like and I don’t add it to my collection, so with this one i’ll wait to see some real pics of it on ebay and decide if it looks good enough or not.

  8. At least before long we’ll be out of Con season, then the exclusives will calm down. I’m a SW collector, and these are getting tiring. I’ve been able to preorder 4-LOM and I’ll do Zuckuss because I have the other bounty hunters, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep up if half the SW pops are gonna be exclusive.

      1. He was available as an instore pre-order at FYE as an SDCC exclusive. I understand frustration with Canada and exclusives. I have the same problem.

        1. So, you can go to a FYE and pre-order 4-LOM at the cash register and not online?

  9. Does Toy Wars ship safely? I noticed they have a version for pre-order that will come with a Pop Stacks.

  10. I started collecting pops almost from the start and was able to snag the first 60 of the Disney from for really cheap in 2012 as they sold them in the full series (5 series, 12 in each). I now own every Star Wars that has been released, exclusives and commons. My only complaint about collecting pops now, is that with all the exclusives all over the place, I have to check multiple websites all day everyday to make sure I keep on top of them so I don’t get screwed by flippers and have to pay a bunch more, which is turning into a full time job. I understand that I’m collecting under my own will and I can stop but Pops! are like drugs…haha I haven’t had much luck lately with buying pops online, as most of them have box damage since they don’t add anything inside to protect them. Websites I’ve had pretty good experiences with are popcultcha, gemini collectibles and entertainment earth. The worst is probably fye, I just received my grey Leonardos in the mail today and I bought two just in case one was bad and both had minor box damage. If you want good box quality from entertainment earth, during checkout you need to add that you are a collector into the comments section, and they will inspect them before they ship your order off. Hope any of the info helps.

  11. I agree with Jasper Simon, i’m also beginning to slightly feel the tiring effect of all the exclusives. But don’t get me wrong i’d very very happily carry on collecting hundreds of Star Wars exclusives, but it’s getting to the point now where the variations in character versions are starting to get a little silly. It’s at the point now where I already own about 2 variations of a lot of characters and already i’m seeing a 3rd and 4th with only a tiny variation in it, so i’m staying away from those and only buying Pop’s that I think are amazing and would really compliment my collection, such as the Blue Senate Guard which I absolutely love.

    An example is I have 3 of the R2 driods but when I seen the 4th one get released I thought that’s enough now and I didn’t buy it, and there’s a new Poe Dameron with STUBBLE??!.. yeah feel like I already own that exact same Pop only difference is no stubble, so I won’t buy it!

  12. as long as you realize you aren’t always going to be able to get every single pop out there it takes the stress off. sometimes you might have to pay $30 or $40 or even more.

  13. I think it’s a joke with all these exclusives. It makes damn near impossible for people who are not going to the con’s to get these pops. As a Star Wars fan when it comes to figures and vehicles I don’t mind spending money on hard to find figures but these pops are so ridiculously priced it prices out regular folks who are trying to complete sets.

  14. Ehh collect what you like. I enjoy my collection and have not spent more than $25 for any single pop. I enjoy this and well guess i wont be looking for this.

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