Toy Tokyo SDCC 2016 exclusives

In another first, a video of Toy Tokyo exclusives for this year’s SDCC has just hit the Internet.

The first is Dug from Disney’s Up with a cone around his head. And no, it’s not flocked.


The second is a two-pack of Buffy and Angel in vampire mode.


More Toy Tokyo reveals have been promised next week.

6 thoughts on “Toy Tokyo SDCC 2016 exclusives

  1. I really want Dug with the cone of shame! How hard is it to get these from Toy Tokyo? Will any other place carry these?

  2. Awesome!! Is Dug with Cone of Shame a limited edition?? (I hope not, I really want it) 🙂

  3. Sometimes Toy Tokyo will make their Pop Exclusive’s available on the website after a Convention so hopefully they made enough Dug’s to have some left overs after SDCC for the rest of us.

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