Suicide Squad Store Exclusives

There’s been a bunch of Suicide Squad news the last few days and here comes some more! Funko have announced their store exclusive Pops and Mystery Minis.

You’ll be able to find The Joker (Suit) and Dr. Harleen Quinzel at Walmart.

8661_SuicideS_JokerSuit_POP_GLAM_HiRes 10258_SS_Dr_Harleen_hires

You’ve probably already seen the Hot Topic exclusive Harley Quinn (Gown) and The Joker (Tuxedo) Pops, but they will also be stocking exclusive Mystery Minis.

9363_HT_Suicide_Squad_MM_hires 8662_SS_Tux_Joker_hires HQgown

The Joker (Boxer) Pop! will be available at Target.


And finally, along with their exclusive Harley (Inmate), GameStop will also be stocking exclusive Mystery Minis.

9364_GS_Suicide_Squad_MM_hires 8741_SuicideS_HarleyQ_POP_GLAM_HiRes


There was no word on release dates, but you can likely expect to start seeing them popping up very soon.

42 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Store Exclusives

    1. Gentlemen, one thing I learned is that at Walgreens you need to ask for the exclusive ones. They apparently hold them, because collectors tend to want to buy them all. Damn collectors lol..

  1. I never find exclusives in any store besides Hot Topic. I don’t know if Southern California is the epicenter of scalper scum or what but it’s hard out here for a Pop collector. And I refuse to pay some P.O.S a higher price on eBay or wherever so I just don’t get most of them.

    1. In canada we only get exclusives at Hot Topic, we dont get the walmart, target, walgreens, kohls, barnes and noble or any of that good shit, i cry a little each time i see a new pop come out thats not for us ;(.

  2. WarSoldier I feel your pain, Walmart is the WORST for exclusives IMO. Maybe Toys R Us too, I am calling it quits on finding those in the wild.

  3. Walmart will be hard to find, Target a lil easier, but not much and I believe Walgreens is the hardest to find anything. Luckily the boxer (target) joker is also part of the FYE 2-pack, so if u got that one, u wont need the target one. I picked up the HT HQ & Joker today and picking up my gamestop one tomorrow.

    1. Unless you want the whole set. The FYE one is mattalic the one from Target is not.

  4. I was lucky enough to get one of the glitter Black Panthers at my Walmart, so I’m hoping I might be able to get these exclusives.

  5. I’m in San Diego and finding Pops at a Walmart is zilch, I’ve seen a few messy displays at Target. Maybe if you know the store won’t carry them I’m hoping to find them online

    1. Looks like Im Gonna have to check all my targets and walmarts everyday till I find these

  6. has the suicide squad pops listed for pre order for 6/30, no exclusives but maybe thats when stores will stock them?

    1. How did you find them on I’ve been looking and can’t find them anywhere on the site

    2. Can you post a link, or tell us what you searched for? I’ve checked repeatedly and haven’t seen anything like those.

    1. Innit?! When are we in the UK going to have a store that stocks at least some of the exclusives offered regularly to the Americans (Forbidden Planet excepted but they’re usually way down the line).

  7. im from Canada and theres not a chance ill be able to get the walmart or target exclusives

    order online from hot topic to a friend in the states

  8. I’m on the east coast, so I tend to find the walmart ones pretty easily. I have the FYE, HT, and GS ones, I will keep an eye out for WM and Target, but i don’t believe they have been released yet, and thos eminis are gonna drive me crazy

  9. the mystery minis have been released! they are on ebay as well if you aren’t haven’t any luck

  10. Pretty sure the target exclusive is going to be in store only, most of the pops they have online say in store only

  11. FYI Joker (Boxer) Target Exclusive is set to be released on the 6th. My target put him out to early and the registered denied the sale

  12. I live in RI and I none of my Walmarts ever got the glitter black panther. They never even had the pops end cap display up for civil war. None of my targets never got the FN-2187 so it’s safe to say I’ll be paying scalper prices for these 🙁
    Hot Topic is the only store I find the exclusives..even my game stops are hit or miss

  13. In Nebraska I got the Quinn GameStop exclusive they had 2. Rest of game stops around here were sold out

  14. been to 4 different walmarts in my area and can’t find the Dr. Harleen Quinzel pop. the walmarts here haven’t even put out any new pops since cap 3. it’s not on walmart web site ether.

  15. Damn my walmart had about 15 of them when I got the Black panther. I was stoked they had him! Only one I wanted from the set lol

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