Suicide Squad Pops Now Available!

The Suicide Squad Pops are currently available on Hot Topic’s website! It seems Warner Bros. wanted to wait until June 1st for their release. The nine general releases are made up of: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot (masked and unmasked), Killer Croc, Katana, Diablo, Captain Boomerang and Rick Flag.

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The Hot Topic exclusive Joker in Tuxedo and Harley in Gown are also available online!

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If you’d rather grab them in person, Hot Topic stores should be selling them when the doors open today! (If they have received their stock allocation.)

A photo surfaced online yesterday of the back of one of the boxes showing the full Suicide Squad set.


As you can see there a few more than listed above. Inmate Harley is a confirmed GameStop exclusive so that leaves Enchantress, The Joker (Boxer) and The Joker (Suit). Enchantress is strongly believed to be in the next Legion of Collectors box given the clues they have been dropping on their Twitter account. Where do you think the other two Joker Pops will show up?

15 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Pops Now Available!

  1. Feels like Christmas morning so stoked!!! headed to my Hot Topic now to get them all heck yea!! then just waiting to find out when gamestop and FYE are going to get their exclusives in already got them preordered and paid for along with suicide sqaud box, I may be a little to excited lol!!! yea pretty sure enchantress is going to be in legion box and they put one of the jokers in there too ether way it is going to awesomesauce!

    1. Called my GameStop and the Harley Quinn inmate exclusive came out for them today, my GameStop said they should be getting them this week. See if you can get the employee to tell you their shipment time so you have a better chance of snagging one.

  2. I got my order in and they were even included in Hot Topic’s sale! Now if only the new Teen Titan’s line was released….hope they will be available for preorder ?

  3. The Boxer Joker is part of the FYE 2 pack, it’s a metallic set. Inmate Harley is a Gamestop exclusive. Where to find Joker in a suit, I have no idea and I’m still searching. Tuxedo Joker and Night Gown Harley are both HT exclusives.

  4. Just got my HT exclusives ordered and I will say I would order them Online because they’re 20% Off on there and only cost $10 each.
    Also thanks PPG for the heads up and thanks to the users above for the heads up on the Gamestop Exclusive, that I honestly didn’t know anything about.

  5. Does anyone know where to buy Joker (Suit) not the one in a tuxedo? I’ve been searching, I wonder what store it’s an exclusive for. Has anyone seen one?

  6. The fact that neither Joker (suit) or enchantress are on PC makes me think both will be in the LoC box.

  7. I think this may sound weird, but maybe even a comic con exclusive? Any thoughts?

  8. Got the whole set today at Hot Topic and Unmasked Deadshot and Boomerang at GameStop, Hot Topic had Harley Exclusive Gown but no Tux Jokers. Now I need to find the Suit Joker and Enchantress, the double pack I preordered months ago from FYE. The hunt continues…

  9. The Walmart Dr. Harleen was just revealed, too. Got to find that one. I’ve secured the rest.

  10. Ordered the HT Exclusives online for $10 apiece! Target put their stock on the floor early over the weekend. I went to the register to pay and they could not sell them to me early. So the lady was kind enough to hold them for me since they weren’t supposed to sell them until today (June 6th). Ended up with the Unmasked Deadshot, Joker, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Rick Flag, Diablo. They didnt have Katana or Killer Croc, but I manage to grab the only Joker Target Exclusive they had. Been making daily trips to my Walmart since its only 5 mins away from where I live, and on the way to work. But haven’t seen any SS Pops at all! Also gonna check out Game Stop for their Harley Exclusive. There goes my wallet!

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