Strawberry Shortcake Pops are scented!

Funko has really stuck to its promise to try and do new things this year. Pre-orders for Strawberry Shortcake POPs are already up at Entertainment Earth right now.  Funko decided to give each character a companion. Not only that, these are also the first scented POPs ever! Each POP will be scented according to the “flavor” of the character.

Can edible POPs be far behind?






7 thoughts on “Strawberry Shortcake Pops are scented!

  1. They actually aren’t the first scented pops… The swamp thing was actually The first scented pop…although it does smell like a swamp or something lol I’m not sure I dont own it. But these are prolly the first ones with an actual flavor based scent

  2. These Pops are adorable! They translated really well from the original Kenner line of dolls I collected as a kid. I am seriously glad they went with the classic design instead of going with the modern version. Even the box has that vintage Strawberry Shortcake look to it and their companion pets are perfect because that’s how they were packaged.

  3. I wonder how long the scent last? I’d imagine if you took it out of the box the scent would fade fairly quickly?

    1. The old dolls all came scented and even if they have been OOB for 30 years you can still smell the scent so I imagine it would be the same for the Pops. 🙂

  4. Very excited they kept the classic look for these! I remember the scent of the original toys, so it’s great they’ll add that to them. I do hope they’ll add a Peculiar Purple Pie Man along the way!

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