22 thoughts on “Star Wars Celebration 2016 Pops for pre-order on Popcultcha

  1. The prices in the us are only 11.99 with out taxes being added…i just bought 3 from gamestop

  2. Has anyone ordered from popcultcha before in the U.S. that could answer some questions for me? I’m planning on moving soon, but of course I HAD to preorder these. Is popcultcha customer friendly? Will I be able to change my address without hassle once I’ve found a place to live? Also how do they charge, when they ship or when you order? I already placed my order. Also, I noticed two different dollar amounts but no explanation for them when i ordered.

    1. They are very customer friendly and I’m sure you could change the address quite easily.

  3. I am on the fence about ordering. I hear they have the stickers, at least last years did. That’s the only hold up for me. But man, I want these.

    1. Have yet to see a Popcultcha pop with a sticker. Some people refuse to buy without a sticker, if you are one of those people than Popcultcha is not for you.

  4. Does anybody know if any or all of these will be like last year where you could find them in brick and mortor stores like Barnes and Noble? I have no problem buying them but i get pissed when i pre-order a bunch and then walk into a store and they are all sitting there for the same price minus the shipping cost weeks before i get mine.

    1. Some of them likely will, they usually announce which stores are getting what nearer the time. Though this way you don’t have to worry about going to several locations.

  5. Been thinking about ordering these to the UK but 4-6 weeks shipping… Anyone think I should go for it?

    1. If you want them yes. Tho I know a few people who order internationally to the UK and they normally get hit with a import fee so gotta take that into account.

    1. I wouldn’t bank on it. Even if they only charge you return shipping, shipping a pop to AUS cost $21. If you preorder, I would take comfort in knowing it’ll show up, just maybe not as soon as a brick and mortar store in the US.

    2. I’m sure you can but remember that these exclusives will be hard to find due to small shipment orders and there’s no quarantee that you’ll find one on the shelf.

  6. There were 5 celebration Staw Wars Pops last year and only two made it to US stores. E3PO hit HT with Galactic Convention sticker and was difficult to snag, for $15 and Unmasked Vader arrived sticker less as a common pop. The other three never made it to US stores, Red R2, Black R2 and Shocktrooper. Everything ordered online beside the unmasked Vader came with the Galactic Convention sticker. If this year is anything like last year a couple may hit stores but not all of them. I don’t want to take any chances and I’m betting they come with stickers.

  7. I ordered 8 pops and after the s&h, each pop cost $15. Love it. A regular pop cost $12 at stores. So can’t complain paying extra $3 for exclusives and not having to go from store to store till I find what I want.

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