Star-Lord Unmasked Mix Tape Pop!

Good news Guardians of the Galaxy collectors! Star-Lord Mix Tape will be a Box Lunch Exclusive in the US! We’ve been trying to keep you up to date with all the latest announcements which has led to multiple updates to this post.

*Update* Funko has announced Star-Lord Mix Tape is an Exclusive to the UK store Underground Toys. To be on the safe side if you need him in your collection as of now you’ll have to order him from Popcultcha or Forbidden Planet when/if he is available there. Since Underground Toys Exclusives have made US appearances in the past it’s not impossible that Star-Lord could show up as a store Exclusive in the US at some point,only time will tell.

Just when you thought your Guardians of the Galaxy Pop collection was complete Star-Lord with Mix Tape dances his way into the line. We usually hear rumors of new additions before a new Pop appears but this one was a surprise! He is already available In Stock at Popcultcha in Australia which leads me to believe he might be an  Exclusive in the United States at some point but that’s just a guess. Star-Lord with his Walkman makes a lot of sense considering how important music is to the character. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set to release in theaters May 5,2017 we are sure to see figures that will be specific to the sequel next Spring. Will you be adding this Pop to your collection?

13 thoughts on “Star-Lord Unmasked Mix Tape Pop!

    1. Yes! I was surprised how cheap shipping to the US is compared to some stores within the US and especially from Canada to the US. Popcultcha is a great place to find exclusives as long as you aren’t too concerned about not getting the sticker on the box. Last year they had most of the SDCC Pops available with the Summer Convention Exclusive sticker’s so hopefully they will be an option for those of us that won’t get to go to Comic Con.

  1. Already ordered – the hair is much better on this one than the other unmasked one! Love me a bit of Starlord 😀

    1. They are really awesome! GameStop has been taking Preorders for awhile but we just saw the glam shots of the actual figures today. I’m hoping they make a Flocked Ludo eventually.

  2. When are these going to be listed on PPG? Ordered mine yesterday through PopCultcha and would like to add it to my collection.

    1. Yeah they started showing up in store at Box Lunch yesterday so they should be on their website soon for those of us that don’t have a location nearby.

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