Secret Base Toy Store Owner gets his own Pop!

Secret Base is a Japanese Toy Store that makes rare,limited,designer Art Toy Collectibles complete with high end price tags to match their exclusivity. We’ve seen their work on a few Hikari MindStyle Funko collaborations over the years. A lot of their creations are inspired by western Pop Culture figures such as Spongebob Squarepants,Felix the Cat,the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,Ronald McDonald and the Garbage Pail Kids along with their own unique original characters. They aren’t your typical versions though. Many of their figures are designed as half X-Ray,rainbow color schemes,GITD variants and glittered Vinyl collectible pieces. Funko unveiled Pop Asia vinyls of Hiddy the owner of Secret Base at this years ToyCon. We’ve seen 3 versions so far of these adorable Pops. A Metallic Hiddy in a Ronald McDonald color scheme outfit,a regular non metallic version with a smirky smile and a Joker color scheme outfit. As someone that appreciates unique collectible pieces I am totally smitten with these new Pops even though odds are I will never get to see them in person. I felt compelled to share these new additions to the Pop Asia line as well as a few of their signature products and limited items even though they aren’t technically Funko. Any one of these toys would make for a fun conversation piece to compliment any collection.

SecretBaseBorderCollageIntro                                              SecretBaseBorderCollage5SecretBaseBorderCollage                                                        SecretBaseBorderCollage2                                                         secretBaseBorderCollage3