SDCC Funko exclusives : Wave 7

Wave 7 of Funko’s SDCC 2016 reveals has just been announced.

Game Of Thrones just concluded it’s season finale but Funko wants to keep the party going with this exclusive.


Next up, a Disney 2-pack for Pete’s Dragon with what looks to be an invisible dragon.


The latest Batman variant is part of the Suicide Squad line.


We have Snoopy with the American flag as a theme.


Olivia Moore from the iZombie series.


Stan Lee makes an appearance as a Dorb.


And Funko announced Volume 5 of its POP photography book, World Of Pop.

POP_Book_Vol_5_Ad_large (1)

10 thoughts on “SDCC Funko exclusives : Wave 7

  1. I kind of wish they made it Wun Wun instead of Mag the Mighty, but still an awesome Pop! I’ll have to add to the collection.

  2. The Olivia Moore pop looks good. Looking forward to seeing what the iZombie line up will be. I can easily see that Stan Lee dorb being snatched up by scalpers.

  3. That Stan Lee Dorb is the first I’ve wanted!! And watch it be like 80 bucks on ebay. Olivia Moore and that Pete’s Dragon duo are pretty sweet too

    1. I don’t think it’ll be too expensive actually. Dorbz really aren’t that sought after yet and I bet you could get it for a pretty reasonable price.

  4. I want the Mag. But as terribly as the Funko booth is ran i’m sure I won’t get it.

  5. I’m sensing a disturbance in the force, wave 7 of 8 and still no Star Wars Pop’s.

    I have a feeling wave 8 will be called the ‘Star Wars wave’.

  6. I will have the Snoopy Pop for my mother. She has loved Snoopy and the Peanuts gang for longer than i’ve been alive, even had a few beagle dogs for pets over the years. She must have him.

    I, on the other hand, would love that Batman, but i will spend the money on the Snoopy Pop for my mother first and maybe try to get my Batman someday.

  7. Underwater Batman makes the third DC I want, the other two being False God Superman and 6″ Doomsday.

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