SDCC 2016 Funko Exclusives: Wave 8

It’s that time again! Let’s check out the next wave of Funko’s San Diego Comic Con exclusives!

First up is this classic X-Men Dorbz 3-pack containing: Wolverine, Iceman and Colossus.


Star Wars fans can finally stop waiting as today brings two Pop! exclusives! The first is Han Solo holding Chewie’s Bowcaster!


The second is everybody’s favourite soccer ball droid, BB-8, with his thumbs-up lighter.


This wave doesn’t just contain two Star Wars Pops, it also contains a second Harrison Ford Pop. That’s right, it’s one fans have been waiting for – Indiana Jones!



Last but not least, Freddy Funko is getting his own Pop! Ride! Limited to 500 pieces, this red sports car comes with a Freddy Funko Pop! wearing sunglasses.


While that was technically the last ‘wave’, Funko have said they still have some surprises in store for next week!

15 thoughts on “SDCC 2016 Funko Exclusives: Wave 8

  1. That Indiana Jones is going to be nearly impossible to get!
    I want that Indy so much, but living in the UK its probably somthing I will never be able to get 🙁

  2. It’s actually kind of annoying that they made Indy an SDCC exclusive. Hope it shows up in stores later on.

  3. It’s also getting annoying that they’re catering to Cons/Stores for their best Pops as exclusives when most of the commons look like crap nowadays.

  4. The new BB8 and Indy are cool, but this is at least the 3rd Force awakens Solo feels a little over kill

  5. I love the Indiana Jones! They’ll probably make some for stores. I hope so, anyway. There’s 3 Indiana Jones movies, Im sure there’ll be more. Way to go Funko for finally making this icon into Funko size! Now, we need availability!?

  6. OMG Indy and BB8 are amazing My mom forced me to watch all three Indiana Jones movies and I’m glad she did

  7. I’ll be happy if Popcultcha ends up with that Indy, as that’s one that looks so good I could care less about the sticker. It won’t be leaving my collection anyway! Haha

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