SDCC 2016 Funko exclusives : Wave 4

Funko just posted its 4th reveal for SDCC 2016 exclusives.

It starts off with a new Ecto variant in red. The Slimer POP also seems to be a new mold.


Next are two Marcus Fenix variants from the Gears of War franchise. Interestingly, the more common variant has the golden gun. The other variant is LE1000.



The Walking Dead makes an SDCC POP comeback.


There’s also something from the Pirates of the Carribean movies : Cursed Barbossa and his pet monkey, Jack.


They close out with two limited edition Dorbz exclusives. The first is an LE500 Huckleberry and the other is an LE750 Wreck-It Ralph 3-pack.



12 thoughts on “SDCC 2016 Funko exclusives : Wave 4

  1. I like the Burning Walker and Barbossa. I’ll get them if I can. I wish I could get the Huckleberry Hound, but being limited to 500 pieces, that won’t happen. As for the rest of it, I haven’t seen Wreck it Ralph, I haven’t played Gears of War, and I have zero interest in the new Ghostbusters movie, so I’ll pass on all of them.

  2. Will for sure be getting The Burning Walker and Curses Barbossa with Jack. They both look really well done.

  3. I hope I’ll be able to get ahold of the Burning Walker at some point. Looks awesome!

  4. Have you guys seen what prices some of the other SDCC Pop’s are being bid up to on ebay for pre-sales?, for the NONE fixed LE variants?..

    People are actually bidding them up to between $150 – $200 each?!!.. you will most likely be able to buy them for around $30 each in 1 month’s time. Where on earth do these people come from?.. are they crazy??.. are they having a fit whilst pressing the zero key on their laptops??.. or just plain dumb???

    After 18 months of collecting I still cannot get my head around why people pay that, it’s not even like they can get hold of it this week or anything and be the first, they still have to wait till after the con to get hold of one at the same time as everybody else who will just get one for $30 lol

    1. Unfortunately the a$$holes that only care about making a quick buck are the ones pre-selling them. (Here’s hoping they roll an ankle running to the booth haha) They cannot even guarantee that they will get one. It is unfortunate, but the way it is. For the normal ones, hopefully they will be in Hot Topic and other stores again this year like last (got Gold Bender & Metallica C-3PO that way for $15 each). Would love to get Marcus Fenix and Barbossa.

      1. Oh, and it’s likely the people bidding that much are probably working with the seller to falsely inflate the price.

    2. not surprised, I have been only collect 3 months and already spend around $8K, but I am not paying that much on new sdcc for sure.

  5. last year at SDCC was pretty hectic and it seemed like Pops hadnt even hit their peak yet. I can only imagine how crazy it is going to be this year. hope Funko has a better procedure this year. they really should have more inventory so it isn’t madness. Last year they only allowed one of each pop per guest (of course people find ways around that by getting friends or family or strangers to buy for them but it is a good rule). you can’t really get mad at flippers for these pops this time though cause most people don’t even have the chance at them in the first place.

  6. Just like the 11th Doctor pop with the cyberman head, the proportions between Marcus’ head and the locust’s severed head are pretty hilarious.

  7. True, I suppose they could be getting other accounts to shill bid the price up, it still wouldn’t surprise me if it’s just bidders with ‘funko goggles’ bidding like crazy at the sight of a new con exclusive.

    I remember reading about what SDCC 2015 was like and seeing pictures of the crowds and lines around the Funko booth, boy am I glad I don’t/can’t go to these cons because it seems like an utter nightmare to even be standing around. I feel really sorry for genuine collectors who just want to grab a Pop they have their heart on only to see 500 crazy people all fighting over each other like zombies to get to the Pop’s.

    Get the bats & the tasers at the ready for queuing up, you’ll need them because it will definitely be a lot worse this year even with so called buying restrictions, which only add to the problem because each single flipper will just bring 5 or 6+ friends with them adding numbers to the crowd!

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