24 thoughts on “SDCC 2016 Conan Pops!

  1. SMH.. What about us east coasters? We get beat all the time. NYCC never compares.

  2. I wonder which will command the higher price. Joker Conan or Stormtrooper Conan. My guess is Joker. That one is pretty special looking.

    1. Not usually do you see any at Wizard World events, besides the only one I can think of and that’s the Stan Lee Chicago Wizard World.
      I could be wrong but that’s the only one that comes to mind.

  3. Thank god I’ll be at sdcc this year. Sucks they won’t allow anyone under 16. My 10 yr old will have to wait outside with my wife. Traveling all the way from Ohio is a bummer when we can’t get in anywhere. Smh

  4. I feel like this kind of stuff primarily benefits flippers. They (Conan, TBS, whoever) could make way more money by manufacturing, say, twice as many and making them available for purchase on their website, even at $20-30 each. Or they could announce it; it wouldn’t take long to make its way through the Pop grapevine, and accept pre-orders on their website to get an idea of how many more to make. But instead they sell them only at SDCC, where majority of the people who buy them intend to sell them to make >100% profit.

    Just bitching because I’ll never get the original Conan Pop. These all look really cool.

    1. I 100% agree with you and don’t think anyone outside of the people going to SDCC would disagree.
      Just think if the Funko community refused to bid these up though and made the scalpers rethink their “career paths”… haha

    2. Dude I 100% agree with you. These SDCC exclusives are (in my opinion) a way that Funko tries to ensure that their products stay valuable so that they don’t suffer the same fate as beanie babies and trading cards. If they really wanted everyone to simply enjoy their product or at least have a chance at getting one, they’d do preorders like EE’s doing for Aquaman. All the Conans from past cons are still ridiculously priced on eBay (one was $600!) -most likely because mainly scalpers picked them up. I’ll probably never get a Conan either unless they decide to actually cater to their fans (and in doing so make a higher profit) rather than just making sure their products stay valuable.

      Hell I’d pay 40-50 for a Conan, just not the 150-600 that scalpers want.

    3. Yeah, I was at ECCC and the Funko booth was completely sold out within 15 minutes every single day. And I know for a fact that the first day almost all of the buyers were other vendors (a friend of a friend was one of the vendors who snagged one of each exclusive to sell in his store).

      I’ve also had my local Hot Topic staff straight up admit to me that the reason I can never find any of the rares or chase variants is because they buy them before they ever hit the shelves. Our Walgreens just doesn’t bother stocking them at all because the inventory staff “doesn’t think they’d sell”.

    4. I agree with you. These deals only yield greed. The fun in collecting is the hunt and the possibility of owning the items you like. These exclusives are awesome but change the color a little and throw the rest of us a bone!

    5. Seems to just be a whole lot of complaining. “Me me me! I want one!”. Going to SDCC is expensive, takes effort, and is intended to introduce and boost exclusives. Hasbro and other companies have been utilizing conventions exclusives like SDCC for YEARS.

      If were being honest with ourselves, LE pieces are the only thing that makes Pops worth being a collectors item. Otherwise there would be no point to this massive community that’s been built. I’ll willing pay under $100 for a piece I really want. If its over that, then maybe sometime down the road. Everyone wants/cares about something until its available for everybody.

  5. And he specifically mentioned he “showered” with the pops so these figures gotta be worth millions now lol.

  6. The limited release exclusives are the only issue I have with Funko, and not that they make them, but they way they distribute them. Look at what recently happened with the Target Batman/Joker exclusives for example: Only 2-3 were given to each store and the majority were snatched by scalpers and store employees. I saw so many comments of fans getting up at the crack of dawn and checking every Target in sight only to get nothing. A couple people had to fight scalpers to make them give them one instead of buying the whole stock. Other fans said their Targets claimed to never get any in stock (just commons), which is definitely unfair. I’m glad I’m not a Batman fan or I’d be devastated.

    If Funko had released enough for at least half of the fans to get theirs, they’d make way more profit than the handful of scalpers that snatch them up and flip them for 5x the price online. Funko’s not profiting from that, just the scalper. They need to rethink their business model.

    1. Unfortunately they ARE thinking about their business model. These rare pieces generate excitement for lots of fans, who seek them out and are happy when they find one. They have plenty of common’s that are mass produced and are available at retail price. Then they’ll throw one out that’s limited…and it becomes desirable.

      Unfortunately “scalpers” can buy them up and flip them, there is a law of supply and demand, if someone has the supply and the item is in demand, then he can name the price, but only if someone pays them for it. The solution isn’t for Funko to stop making limited edition POPs, but for the fan to get out and grab them first. Everyone has an equal chance to get these when they hit shelves.

      Unless someone has an “IN” at a store…but that’s just dishonest

      I’m sure if you have a Pop that you purchased for retail, and is now worth $300, you wouldn’t feel the need as a “true collector” to resell it for retail.

      1. Oh I know they’re thinking about their business model, I said they need to rethink it so it benefits more people rather than a “handful”. And you’re right, if had a piece valued at $300 I wouldn’t sell it for lower, however, I unbox all of mine because I don’t plan on ever selling them in the first place unless it was an absolute last resort.

        And everyone doesn’t have an equal chance, which is my point. Didn’t you read what I said about employees getting them before they hit shelves? Or that scalpers buy them in bulk? Happens at Hot Topic, Target, etc. I see where you’re coming from, but I’m sticking with my original post. I don’t expect Funko to care about my opinion, I’m just stating it.

        1. I was going to reply to smitty, but you pretty much said everything that needed to be in the reply. Except for this:

          “But that’s just dishonest” …Good thing there aren’t tons of dishonest people in the world, and that there’s a fitting punishment for dishonesty. Also, you must be a flipper of some sort, because who else would take the stances you did to defend them. The “solution,” if anything, is for us normal collectors to stop paying crazy prices for Pops. When they consistently stop selling for so much, prices will inevitably go down.

          1. Funko has already adjusted their strategy as you see less LE’s being produced and more mass market Pops hitting the shelves. As stated before a collector has every right not to pay the high estimated value of a LE. However the seller has the right to sell them for what ever price they want to. The beauty of supply and demand.

            Also you have to take into consideration the cost of the expo. For many it includes a plane ticket, hotel, entrance, time, and food. They give access to items that others don’t have. I personally would pay someone an upcharge depending on the item to travel, wait in line, deal with the crowds to get my holy grail item.

            As for the store employees nabbing the item before the general public, yes that sucks. But even with a store policy they merely need to contact a friend to purchase the item prior to anyone else. Bottom line, there isn’t much you can do about it and that’s just life. It happens all the time with other products and industries.

            Personally I think the Federal Gov’t should regulate the production of all Pops! and make them all look like Obama. Each person in the US (citizen or not) should receive one per year. Then everyone is equal. =b

    2. YEEEES! This is what I was saying last week! I’m new to the game, but already done with Target. Why not offer preorders? I was SUPER EXCITED to see a Zur-En-Arrh Batman, only to find out I’ll never own one unless I pay some jerk a ridiculous sum. That’s why I love dealing with GameStop. No hassle preordering and they GAVE me a list of all the Pop! coming out this quarter. I’ll be at SDCC for the first time this year. I’m looking forward to the Scott Pilgrim set, Doctor Strange and Power Puff Girls. IF I happen to obtain them, they’ll be the jewels of my collection.

  7. I really like all of these except the Joker. It’s a shame the only way I’ll ever get one is if I either win one in one Funko’s twitter/facebook giveaways or I win the lottery and can afford to spend hundreds of dollars for a single pop on ebay.

  8. This is really cool but can you guys make it easier to accesses store exclusives? so that we can see what’s new and what is still available to possibly find?

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