Power Ranger Pops Coming Soon!

The rest of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are finally getting released! The existing Red, White and Pink Rangers Pops can be joined by the Green, Yellow, Black and Blue Rangers this August! There has been no word on whether the original three will see a re-release of any kind but we can only hope! Will you be adding these to your collection? They’re up for preorder at Entertainment Earth now.

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20 thoughts on “Power Ranger Pops Coming Soon!

  1. Too bad they aren’t re-releasing the Red/Pink/White to complete the set. Look cool though!

    1. if they rerelease them, they had better be different. because the originals are the cornerstone of my retirement fund right now.

  2. Glad they stayed with the original MMPR outfits and not the new movie. The fan community would’ve gone nuts!

    1. I’m sure we’ll see some from the new movie, and that this is pretty much a transition after a long wait since the first ones.

  3. Already got them preordered and paid for including the GS blue exclusive I can’t wait!!!!

    1. You can pre order them at gamestop or it says it right on the blog…entertainmentearth.con if you want them for really cheap though go to popinabox.us

    1. Lol the fuck there isnt. Lol… This whole set is a grail set. So even just having these is plenty good in my book. I jus hope they do those rereleases.. I just hope there not the vaulted remakes they do with new boxes like how they do some of the starwars pops and other pops that already have been vaulted…

      1. I take that you like to collect based on the market price. I guess everyone is entitled to have a opinion, to me starting a collection that i cant finish is just a no.

  4. Don’t worry, funko is really good about rereleasing pops so they can make more money, and kill the value of the old ones at the same time.

  5. Who cares what happens to the “value of the old ones”. Too many people on here are worried about dings and scratches on the boxes and the future value. Just collect and have fun 😀

  6. Still hoping more than anything there will be more metallic variants and a re-release of the White, Red, and Pink Rangers. I didn’t get into collecting Pops until last year so didn’t manage to get them. But if they do and I can get the whole set then that’ll be awesome!

    1. ManBearMan – hahahah that’s great, I didn’t even notice until I read your comment haha

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