New WWE Pops Coming Soon!

With the first wave of SDCC exclusives being announced yesterday, you may have missed the news of more upcoming WWE Pops! There are five new additions coming this August: Eva Marie, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt and the iconic Bret Hart! You can pre-order them all over at Entertainment Earth now! Will you be adding any of these to your WWE Pop! roster? Let us know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “New WWE Pops Coming Soon!

  1. Rollins, Wyatt, and Owens look awesome. Kevin’s gut should probably be a little bigger though. =P

  2. Not a big Bret Hart fan, but this Pop looks good. Will likely end up getting all of these except Eva Marie. I might pick it up in a year or so when all of her Pops are still on shelves and on clearance for a couple bucks. Might.

  3. That’ a cool Hart Pop. I’ve never heard of the other people. I’d love to see more legendary wrestling Pops, though they’ve already released who are arguably the biggest names. WWE owns the rights to WCW & ECW, so the possibilities are kind of endless.

  4. Seth should have a blonde streak in his hair. I expect to see a white ranger version as an exclusive sometime soon. Where’s Ambrose, and who’s #22?

    1. Im trying to figure out who #22 is too… Thought it might have been Seth or Bret

      1. I think it’s Ambrose, since Seth and Roman are 23 & 24, but I’m not sure. I’d love a Shield 3-pack, Reigns with flack jacket, Ambrose with no jacket, only the under armor shirt, and Seth in his sleeveless riot gear with blonde

  5. That Bret looks official…definitely gonna grab him…and I agree …they should just make the classic wrestlers from the 80s and 90s…
    I’d prolly buy them all then

  6. I definitely will get Seth,KO,and bray. Wish they would have made Shawn Michaels and Baylee instead of Bret and Eva. I also think they should start an NXT line. What do u guys think? By the way does anybody know if and how you can look at other peoples collections?

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