New Funko-Shop Item! (Now Sold Out)

Update: This item is now sold out.

Original post as follows:

As you (probably) know by now, a new item is listed on Funko’s online store every Wednesday. This week brings us a chrome retro Freddy vinyl figure. It’s limited to 2000 pieces, so you better act fast if you don’t want to miss out!


16 thoughts on “New Funko-Shop Item! (Now Sold Out)

  1. Just ordered mine, and I can’t wait for it to get here! This will be the first item in my collection that’s limited to a number like that so this is huge for me.

  2. Funko could put dog crap in a box and say it’s limited to 2000 pieces and there’s people that would buy it simply because it’s “limited” lol

  3. Yep. The flippers are flipping them on eBay. 26 at my last count. Had the opportunity to get one from the funko store but their credit card portal does not like my card so no chance for me. I wish there was another way to pay at the funko store.

  4. I can’t stand the flipping flippers, I understand wanting to get your $ back & make a few $ for helping out other collectors, but the people who charge double,triple + for them, I want to ring their necks! STOP WAY OVER PAYING & SUPPORTING FLIPPERS!!

    1. I wish it was that easy. But ones that sell it for bid ultimately help set it as a high price because someone out there will want it more than you and overpay for the item. Then the flippers know what they should be able to get for it. I will be attending the San Diego comic con and am stoked that I will have an opportunity to get the pops at the retail price instead of flipper prices. What’s really ridiculous is when you want a Freddy Funko from fun days. The asshats that own those want up to $5000 for the ones that are really rare.

  5. Flippers are ultimately in it for the money not for the joy of collecting. Which ruins it for collectors or people wanting specific pieces. Some websites have made it better like Funko shop where they limit each person to one item. Comic con should be better this year in the precautions they’ve made from flippers selling their tickets online, with having to show id when you enter to make sure the person on the badge is the one wearing it. But I’m sure some will sneak in without being asked about their Id, since they won’t have enough time to ask everyone. Hopefully the popularity will die down at some point and people that really want the Funko items will have fair chances to get them, but not seeing that anytime soon. It seems like a full time job just to stay ahead of the game to make sure you know when things are coming out and to ensure you can get something before flippers get it.

  6. Every time I try, the link won’t go there. It just goes to the shop and NEVER shows any exclusive, even the ‘sold out’

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